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In Yalta — Action «Flowers of Memory»

In Yalta — Action «Flowers of Memory»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Together with Zelenstroy specialists, Victory Volunteers are planting plants at memorial complexes dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. According to the head of the Yalta city administration, Yanina Pavlenko, flowers have already appeared at the monument in Gurzuf, as well as at the Mass Grave of Soviet soldiers in Koreiz. In total, more than 5 thousand plants will be planted at monuments and memorial complexes.

Planting flowers at memorials is a tribute to the memory of soldiers and home front workers, one of the opportunities to once again remember the heroes who defended our country, the press service quotes Yanina Pavlenko.

In Yalta - Action “Flowers of Memory” In Yalta - Action “Flowers of Memory”

As noted by the head of the department of youth policy and educational work of the Department of Education and Youth Policy of the Yalta Administration, Victory Volunteer Evgeniy Khrychev, the children are happy to take part in the action. There are also plans to plant flowers near military graves in the Old Cemetery.

Volunteers will also take patronage of the main memorial of our city, the Hill of Glory, and will help in its improvementsays Evgeniy Khrychev.

Anyone can join the action by bringing flowers to be planted at the memorials.

Bring bulbs of tulips, hyacinths, daffodils or tubers of irises from your garden (Sverdlova St., 89 +7 978 060-01-45). Now is the time to plant them, and in the spring, just in time for the celebration of memorable dates, they will bloom,” explains the head of the municipal budgetary institution “Zelenstroy” Alexander Grigoriadi.

source: Information Policy Department of the Yalta City Administration

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