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Inkerman, SNT «Internationalist», hospital contracts: instructions from Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev following the results of the operational meeting

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, during the operational meeting, gave instructions to his deputies and directors of departments on issues that were recorded by the Regional Management Center in a week. First of all, we are talking about complaints about emissions in Inkerman. The governor noted that thanks to the appeals of Sevprirodnadzor to the environmental prosecutor’s office, a number of procedural decisions were made. Head of Sevprirodnadzor Yulia Gavrilova reported on the situation.

The work is not yet completed, it is ongoing. We actually applied to the environmental prosecutor’s office, interacted with colleagues from Rospotrebnadzor, and now this interaction continues. We know about the appeal of citizens, we communicate with people, we know what worries them, so we will bring this work to the end. Now all the necessary actions are being taken by the environmental prosecutor’s office, since the enterprise, about which the residents complained the most, belongs to Federal supervision. Therefore, the inspection of the government of Sevastopol is not entitled to initiate an administrative investigation now. But nevertheless, we actively participate and work out with colleagues all the necessary points— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Yulia Gavrilova.

The city prosecutor Maxim Zhuk also keeps the situation under personal control.

Vitaliy Stepanovich, I understand that hospital contracts were concluded based on the results of tenders — this is all determined at the lowest price, but nevertheless, look at which hospitals they concluded, on what basis, and report to me separately. Before these entrepreneurs appeared in our city, as I understand it, they were taken to a certified landfill, outside of Sevastopol. And now we have decided to organize such a business here. In this form, disposal, especially in a residential area, will definitely not occur.— the governor addressed the director of the health department Vitaly Denisov.

Vice-Governor Evgeny Gorlov reported to Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev about the situation with power supply in SNT «Internationalist».

It is clear that there the two chairmen of the SNT are arguing among themselves on the subject of debts, and people are suffering about this. It is impossible to allow people to be left without electricity. But on the other hand, no one canceled financial obligations to each other either. It is necessary to hold a conditional arbitration there in order to find out who owes what to whom. And to understand why they can connect directly, why the network company there has not been making technical connections for a long time, — said Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Also, Vice-Governor Yevgeny Gorlov was instructed to deal with the inaction of the Management Company «Center»: after the repair of the roof in 2015 in house No. 36 on the street. Gogol, water flows down the walls, because of which the facade gets wet and mold forms.

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