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#InventedOnTavrida: Meganom Academy trains managers for creative projects

#InventedOnTavrida: Meganom Academy trains managers for creative projects

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On September 23, at the site of the Academy of Creative Industries «Meganom» (project «Tavrida.ART») the Design Workshop #InventedOnTavrida started. As part of the interactive program, participants — authors and project managers — will master modern management and communication practices, as well as build strategies for the development of their projects. Based on the results of the program, they will receive a certificate of advanced training from the Russian Economic University. G.V. Plekhanov.

From September 23 to 30, 2023, the educational program “Design Workshop #InventedOnTavrid” is being held in Crimea at the site of the Meganom Academy. Its participants included managers in the field of creative industries, winners of grant competitions, representatives of non-profit and commercial organizations, cultural institutions and creative associations. Over the course of the week, they will work to develop competencies in creative project management.

We are conducting this program for the second time, as it has received a great response from the audience. In the modern world, creative industries are rapidly developing, and in order to always be on the current agenda, it is necessary to master new competencies, the key of which is project management. Project management allows you to calculate, plan and stage the path to achieving your goal. A person who understands how to implement his idea and what exactly needs to be done will certainly carry out his plans— speaks program producer, head of the project support service of the Tavrida art cluster, expert mentor at Rosmolodezh.Grants and other grant competitions Oksana Nikiforova.

The key goal of the program is to transform the thinking of representatives of the creative industries and strengthen their expertise in the field of project management. Participants will understand the composition and roles of the project team, analyze all project cycles, and study the main and auxiliary management processes. In addition, they will work on skills in resource and budget management, negotiations, public speaking and presentations, monitoring and evaluating performance results.

#InventedOnTavrida: Meganom Academy trains managers for creative projects #InventedOnTavrida: Meganom Academy trains managers for creative projects #InventedOnTavrida: Meganom Academy trains managers for creative projects

Also, all participants will be able to present their personal projects to the program experts and receive from them analysis and recommendations for further development and growth points.

Every time you come to Tavrida, you say to yourself: “It can’t be! Wow!”, being delighted with the buildings, art objects and the participants themselves, charged with real work and eager for discovery. While leading projects in sixteen regions of the country, our team has learned to see the benefit in two things: diversity and the desire to create something new. It is this dissimilarity and our differences that help us find fresh ideas for projects. These are the kinds of ideas we will expect at lectures and master classes, and in return we will try to ensure that in this program the participants definitely expect something new and they can also say: “Wow, Tavrida!”, – shared the expert of the Design Workshop, manager of creative residences in Russia, founder of Flacon Academy Mikhail Yegoshin.

The pool of program experts is represented by Daria Lipovetskaya, program curator, methodologist, author and developer of educational projects and programs, grant competition expert; Mikhail Yegoshin, manager of creative residences in Russia, founder of Flacon Academy; Ivan Gladun, General Director of Crimean Rose Plant JSC; Yulia Gladun, Marketing Director of Crimean Rose Plant JSC; Iren Andrutskaya, social entrepreneur, teacher at Tinkoff business school, lecturer at the Russian Knowledge Society, founder of the Russian School of Branding; Anastasia Rasskazova, Rosmolodezh.Grants expert, chief specialist of the marketing and public relations department; Karina Airapetova, entrepreneur, founder of the consulting agency “BloggerInLaw” for legal and accounting support, information business licensing, implementer of key programs for the development of youth entrepreneurship in the Republic of Crimea, semi-finalist of the “Young Entrepreneur of Russia” competition 2022, Vyacheslav Prokhorov, head of the external promotion and digital team evangelist VK; Nikolay Baikovsky, chief specialist of the department for information-analytical and organizational-technical support of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Rosgosexpertiza», curator of the #CULTURAL YOUTH project, deputy chairman of the Youth Council of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; Vladislava Baykovskaya, designer at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation; Vyacheslav Pravdzinsky, Director of the Center for Territorial Development of the Udmurt Republic, co-founder of the educational project “Design Weekend”, Advisor to the Head of the Udmurt Republic.

At the final stage, based on the results of the training, participants will be able to receive a certificate of advanced training from the Russian Economic University. G.V. Plekhanov.

The design workshop #InventedOnTavrida» is held as part of the programs of the Meganom Academy of Creative Industries. This is a conceptually new educational environment for young representatives of culture, art and creative industries, the core of the Tavrida art cluster (a project of Rosmolodezh). The year-round educational center allows specialists to expand their knowledge and professional competencies under the supervision of recognized leaders in the field and take part in interactive projects prepared in collaboration with leading institutions and corporate partners.

source: press service of the art cluster “Tavrida.ART”

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