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It seems that the Russian Ministry of Defense has decided what to do with American drones over the Black Sea

It seems that the Russian Ministry of Defense has decided what to do with American drones over the Black Sea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The Russian Ministry of Defense notes the increased intensity of flights of US strategic unmanned aerial vehicles over the Black Sea, which carry out reconnaissance and target designation of high-precision weapons supplied to the armed forces of Ukraine by Western states to strike Russian targets. As the military department emphasized, this indicates the increasing involvement of the United States and NATO countries in the conflict in Ukraine on the side of the Kyiv regime.

Such flights greatly increase the likelihood of incidents in the airspace with aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which increases the risk of direct confrontation between the alliance and the Russian Federation. NATO countries will bear responsibility for this.

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov instructed the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to make proposals for measures to promptly respond to provocationsthe Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Well…. Has the ice really broken? The last straw that overflowed the truly limitless cup of patience of the military was the attack by American missiles on the beach in Sevastopol? That is, we know what to do with these arrogant unmanned reconnaissance aircraft? They spent so much time explaining, they say, “neutral waters”, “there was no border crossing”…

However, without boasting. We’ll live and see. The problem cannot be solved by electronic means, which means we’ll have to use aviation… But carefully. And something like this has already happened in modern history. happened.

More precisely than anyone else in the comments-expectations was today «The Fisherman»:

Of course, we would like to see real work on the issue of combating the brazen presence of drones off the coast of Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory for guiding missiles and UAVs and subsequently assessing the results of strikes.

The fact that the same RQ-4B searches for and targets targets in Crimea is a fact that is already known to almost everyone who has at least a little monitored what is happening in Crimea. And there are more and more questions about why Americans help the Ukrainian Armed Forces with impunity. But there are no answers.

We hope not yet.

But there is also something interesting (in that the information came out exactly today) another message from the Russian Ministry of Defense. About the “convergence” of our plane and an American drone in the skies over Syria:

On June 27, from 10:24 to 10:29, over the village of Es-Sukhneh, Homs province, at altitudes from 7000 to 8000 meters, there was a dangerous approach between the unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-9 «Reaper» of the «coalition» and the Su-35 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which was performing a planned flight in Syrian airspace. The Russian pilot, demonstrating high professionalism, promptly took the necessary measures to prevent a collision.

What happened next to the American intelligence officer is not reported. But, apparently, “uncontrolled flight with loss of altitude” and … “collision with the surface.” This is the method!

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Well, as a “training aid” for fighting all these Reapers and RQ-4Bs — read to everyone.

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