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January 26 is Yermilov's Day or Yeryoma's Day. The cat doesn't lie these days

January 26 is Yermilov's Day or Yeryoma's Day. The cat doesn't lie these days

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People believed that on Yermilov’s day the frost gets stronger. And to such an extent that they tried not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Not to mention working outside. And in principle, on January 26, our ancestors were in no hurry to work. The main activities on Yeremu were relaxing on a warm stove and entertaining each other with jokes and jokes. And all because they believed: whoever lies on the stove will not get sick, and whoever goes outside will catch a fever. In modern conditions, the stove will probably be quite successfully replaced by a bed, so run under the covers!!!

The main characters of Yermilov’s Day are cats. Their behavior predicts what the weather will be like in the near future:

  • If the cat is curled up in a ball, wait for frost. If you scrape a wall or floor, a blizzard will most likely begin. If you stretch and behave calmly, you can expect warming.
  • If on this day a sick person is placed in the place where the cat most likes to lie, then he will recover. But the places that the cat avoids are considered “unfortunate” — this is where, according to popular belief, evil spirits gather, and it is impossible to place a bed or table in such areas.
  • If you kill a cat on Yerema, you will doom yourself to 7 misfortunes.
  • A circle is visible around the Moon on January 26 — there will be a snowstorm.
  • The forest is noisy — wait for the warmth.
  • The trees in the forest are cracking — severe and long frosts will soon strike.
  • The dog is sleeping near the booth — wait for the thaw. If he is dozing, curled up in a ball, the cold will last a long time.
  • If a tit is chirping under the window, you should wait for early spring.
  • Before you put your child to bed in the evening, you need to put a cat in his crib. It is believed that after this the child will sleep well all year.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Afanasy, Maxim, Peter and Yakov.

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