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January 28 is Pavlov's Day and the Day of the Witches. Sorcerers pass on experience…

January 28 is Pavlov's Day and the Day of the Witches. Sorcerers pass on experience…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On January 28 in Rus’ they said: “Peter and Paul added a day.” Yes Yes! Winter was no longer scary, because spring was just around the corner. It makes itself known now… literally… visually: the days are becoming noticeably longer and the nights are getting shorter. However, there is no need to delude yourself. There is still February ahead — that very “fierce” one — so there will still be frosts, but what kind. Pavlov’s day, by the way, can warn about them — it is rich in weather signs:

  • In the morning, tits chirp under the window and look for shelter — severe frosts will strike and a blizzard will begin.
  • A strong wind blows — summer will be rainy.
  • Crows are cawing — wait for the thaw.
  • The wind is blowing — there will be a lot of snow and rain this year.
  • There are many stars in the sky — expect a good flax harvest.
  • Clouds are visible on the northern side — the frost will get stronger.
  • The stars are twinkling — wait for it to get colder. Dim starlight — there will be a thaw.
  • Heavy snowfall — frosts will strike at night.
  • Crows are hiding in the cold.
  • Sparrows sit in the trees and don’t chirp — it will snow soon.
  • A raven in the North croaked loudly at noon — a sign that there will be frost. In the South, wait for a thaw.
  • You can hear the chirping of bullfinches — a change in the weather.

As for the Day of Witches. According to beliefs, on January 28, sorcerers and witches pass on their experience to young apprentices. Moreover, they do this in practice, because today it is possible… to put it mildly… miracles performed by “young” witches and sorcerers. After all, they train wherever and on anyone.

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And don’t forget to appease the Brownie today! Today he has a holiday called “Kudesy” — he’s really looking forward to treats! And don’t be afraid of him. The brownie is from the cohort of those wondrous and fair creatures who always respond to good with good, and to evil and inattention… you understand. So try to make friends with him and happiness and order in your home will be guaranteed. Today is a wonderful opportunity to improve relationships!

Name days on January 28 are also celebrated by “people”: Elena, Veniamin, Gabriel, Ivan, Maxim, Pavel, Prokhor.

By the way, today you may have a lot of free time in order to communicate with Domovoy, and take a closer look at the weather and nature and interpret their signs! In the calendar of significant dates, the last Sunday of January is marked as Day WITHOUT the Internet. What would that mean? The initiators of the holiday suggest that all progressive humanity today should put their computers and tablets on the far shelf and get out of the World Wide Web into the real world. Meet people like you “offline”, get some fresh air, pay more attention to your hobby… Look through a book with the smell of a book, in the end! Rumor has it that every year this date has more and more supporters. Would you risk joining the army of those who support the holiday with deeds? Give it a try. Experts assure that the world outside the window is much more interesting and colorful than its virtual “double”.

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