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January 30 is Anton Predzimnik Day. We also honor Frost and the Snow Maiden

January 30 is Anton Predzimnik Day. We also honor Frost and the Snow Maiden

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It would be more accurate to say that January 30 is not only Anton Predzimnik’s Day, but also Antonina’s Day. People today noted that it seems that winter has already passed the halfway mark, but February is still ahead, which could be much worse than the entire previous period. Therefore, we sincerely rejoiced at the first “hello” of spring — the increase in daylight hours, but did not relax and carefully looked and listened to the signs indicating the weather. So that the sudden onset of frost does not take him by surprise — after all, “Anton is cunning from all sides.”

  • The weather is warm in Anton, but the next day there will be severe frosts.
  • If there is a thaw all day on January 30th, expect early spring and a good catch of fish. But there will be practically no precipitation in the spring.
  • The sun on January 30 appeared only at noon — we should expect early spring.
  • It’s snowing — it will be late spring.
  • Loud chirping of tits in the morning — expect colder weather.
  • If the Moon only occasionally peeks out from the clouds, you can hope for a good grain harvest.
  • The month of January 30th has steep horns — the weather will be sunny and frosty.
  • Clear sky and moonlit night — there will be little harvest.
  • A clear and windless day on January 30 — expect colder temperatures.

By the way, special round koloboks made of oatmeal were baked for Anton and Antonina. It was customary to treat children to them so that summer would come faster. Koloboks are popularly symbolized by the sun! Will you bake it? Will you call for warm days?

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Name days are celebrated today by: Antonina, Anton, Georgy, Ivan, Victor, Savely, Pavel, Feodosius.

And January 30th is Frost and Snow Maiden Day! A bright pagan celebration that was celebrated very widely by our ancestors in Ancient Rus’. True, this day does not have any specific celebration traditions, so show your imagination and come up with your own scenario for such a wonderful date! To the delight of both adults and children!

By the way, according to the myths of the ancient Slavs, Frost’s wife is the Snow Queen, who is the daughter of Koshchei and Mara, who rule the dark underground kingdom. And the Snow Maiden, accordingly, is the daughter of Frost and the Snow Queen. And this explanation completely denies the story that the Snow Maiden is the granddaughter of Father Frost. It also negates the statement that these fairy-tale characters were invented relatively recently. Not at all — they are hundreds of years old! There’s a lot to celebrate today, isn’t there?

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