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January 31 is Witch’s Day, so watch your thoughts and actions

January 31 is Witch’s Day, so watch your thoughts and actions

CrimeaPRESS reports:

January 31 is an unusual day. Let’s start with the fact that today is Power Day. Evil spirits! The seventh of January’s seven most powerful energy-rich days. What does it mean? There is a chance to receive both a blessing and a curse that will define your life for a long time. To avoid running into major troubles, watch your thoughts. Everything that happens in your head today can literally be “imprinted” in reality. Those in the know recommend today not to think too much about the future, so as not to shape far-reaching events. They advise you to stay exclusively in the present.

January 31 is also called Witch’s Day. Magicians and sorcerers come into force, fueled by the powerful energy literally spilled in the air. They are having a riot. How? At work. Any magical rituals are now more successful than ever. So people who are energetically weak and impressionable should be as careful as possible today. There is no chance that some entity will attach itself — it will not be easy to cope with the “jokes and jokes”.

They also say that on the night from January 31 to February 1, representatives of the Subtle World organize a Sabbath, from which a wonderful holiday called Imbolc begins — winter subsides, giving way to early spring. Nature is preparing for rebirth! Congratulations to you!

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