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July 11th is the eve of the day of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. Nettle fast today

July 11th is the eve of the day of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. Nettle fast today

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The main event of July 11 was collecting and storing nettles. It was believed that after this day, it completely loses its healing properties. People were sure that the stinging plant magically gives a person strength and vigor. They made infusions, decoctions, ointments, etc. They also believed that nettles protect against the evil eye. They burned it and fumigated houses with smoke.

By the way, nettles were used not only for medicinal preparations. They were actively used in cooking: they added them to salads, soups, and even made a filling for pies. Moreover, the Slavs used nettles for the production of fabric, making worthy competition to cotton and flax.

And on July 11, on the eve of St. Peter’s Day, it was customary to have fun. They danced in circles, danced, played games and had fun. Daredevils looked for the flower of the herb «Peter’s Cross» on this night. There is a belief that whoever finds it will get rid of all diseases. In addition, the magic flower helps to find treasures and provides the new owner with untold wealth. But finding the flower of «Peter’s Cross» is not easy: only the bravest people get it, and evil spirits send the most terrible visions to those who dare to look for it. And only before those who overcome fear will the mysterious flower appear!

The Church now honors the memory of the Venerable Herman and Sergei of Valaam — righteous men and miracle workers. Little is known about their lives. Only that they founded the Valaam Monastery.

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As for signs, then:

  • Working on this day is a sin. You can get seriously ill after doing so.
  • To see the “playing” morning dawn on the eve of Peter and Paul is a sign of good fortune.
  • If the cuckoo does not call, it means an early winter.
  • The early leaf fall has begun – in September all the trees will be bare.
  • If a woman weaves a nettle cloth before St. Peter’s Day, it will become a reliable remedy for lower back pain.
  • If a person has been bewitched (damaged or possessed by an evil spirit), you need to put a nettle leaf under the sole of his shoe, and the evil forces will leave him alone.
  • If you sweep the floor with a nettle broom on this day, you can sweep away all the evil from it.
  • For nettles to be medicinal, they must be picked with bare hands, without fear of burns.
  • Nettle picked before St. Peter’s Day will be an excellent talisman for Scorpios and Aries.
  • If a woman carries a pendant with Peter’s nettle, hooligans and rapists will avoid her.

The following people celebrate their name day today: Pavel, Vasily, German, Ivan, Joseph, Grigory, Sergey.

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