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July 2 is Zosima's day. It's hot and the bees are in charge

July 2 is Zosima's day. It's hot and the bees are in charge

CrimeaPRESS reports:

July 2, as people used to say, was the hottest day of the year. The grain was beginning to ripen. Hay was mown and stored for the winter. Bees were also «running the show» — the honey season had begun. By the way, our ancestors respected these insects very much, because they considered them to be God’s saints. Why? The answer is simple: bees give people wax, from which candles are made.

The church today honors the memory of Saint Zosimus, who was born in 89 in the city of Thrace. At that time, the Christian faith was just beginning to emerge. The young man himself immediately decided to devote himself to God and become a Christian. Soon his dream comes true. When Zosima became aware of the persecution of followers of the Christian faith, he left military service, was baptized and devoted his entire life to doing good deeds and prayers. Soon the ruler Domitian became aware of this, who sent Zosimus to trial. Zosimus turned out to be adamant and did not want to renounce his faith in order to make a sacrifice to the pagan gods. Therefore, he was subjected to a lot of torture, which Zosimus endured without saying a word. After this, he was imprisoned and beheaded some time later.

Signs for July 2 are connected not so much with the weather, but with life as such:

  • Bees sting painfully — means drought. They do not touch good, righteous people — only sinners.
  • Sleepy bees mean a sharp cold snap. If they hide in beehives, it means rain. They nest on the walls of hives (from the outside) — in hot weather.
  • After this day there are no frosts even in the most northern regions.
  • On St. Sabbat’s Day, bees collect the most delicious honey.
  • To destroy a wild wasp nest on this day is a sin.
  • A swarm of bees from someone else’s apiary flew into the yard — to unexpected wealth.
  • If you draw a bee on paper on this day, put a drop of honey on it, wrap it up and put it in your wallet, you will have money.
  • The business started on July 2 will be crowned with success.
  • If something happened on this day that made you suffer and cry, calm down, everything will pass soon.
  • If you start building a house on July 2, it will last a long time.
  • Those born on this day will grow up to be a loving person. In addition, they will be well versed in herbs.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Varlaam, John, Maria, Paisius.

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