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July 25 — Proclus the Weeper. Dew is now healing

CrimeaPRESS reports:

25 July, people noted, there are the biggest dews. They said: “On Proclus, the dew got wet in the field.” On this day, we tried to wake up before dawn. They believed that if you wash yourself with dew early in the morning, it will help protect you from the evil eye, and give the girls beauty and youth. Witch doctors today work in the fields until sunset, collecting medicinal herbs. The potions prepared from them have a special healing power.

The Church today honors the memory of the holy martyrs named Hilaria and Proclus, who suffered for their faith in the 2nd century. First, Proclus was arrested and forced to deny Jesus Christ. However, he remained faithful to the Savior and predicted to the emperor that he would soon believe in God himself. After that, by order of Emperor Maximus, Proclus was tied to the ruler’s chariot, and then forced to run after her. The martyr prayed that the Lord would stop the wagon, and God fulfilled his request — no efforts helped to move it from its place, and this continued exactly until Maximus signed a charter certifying that the preaching of Christianity is not a violation of the law. However, the ruler nevertheless took revenge on Proclus — he ordered him to be tied to a pole and shot. On the way to his execution, Proclus met Ilarius, his uncle, who also preached the Christian faith. As a result, he too was arrested and executed along with Proclus. After the execution, the disciples buried Proclus and Hilarius in the same grave.

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Signs for 25 July:

  • If there is no dew, to bad weather and drought.
  • No fog in the morning — to rain.
  • A lot of dew and thick fog — to sunny weather.
  • The bees buzz loudly — to heat.
  • Vole mice squeak loudly at night and fuss noisily — to heat.
  • Black grouse in the forest does not fly far — to warm and sunny weather.
  • Warm weather on this day — to a warm autumn. It started to rain — and autumn will be rainy!
  • A rainy day — to crop failure and to a snowy winter.
  • Mushrooms appeared in the forest — soon the heat will pass.
  • At night, the dew disappeared in the meadows — to the rain.
  • If a girl on this day before dawn washes herself with morning dew — her the skin will be clean and fresh all year round. But it is best to do this in the countryside: for obvious reasons, urban dew is far from the purity of the countryside!
  • The leaves turned yellow on the tops of the trees — by early autumn.

Name days are celebrated today by: Fedor, Gabriel, Mikhail, Maria, Veronica, Ivan, Arseny.

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