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July 3 is the day of Methodius the Sparrowhawk. Do spiders weave webs?

July 3 is the day of Methodius the Sparrowhawk. Do spiders weave webs?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

And July 3 was also called Weather Indicator and Web Day. The period of easy hunting began. People believed that today you need to shoot at least one quail to return home with prey.

On July 3, the Church honors the memory of Saint Methodius, Bishop of Patara, who lived in the 3rd-4th centuries in Asia Minor and was known for his monastic humility. He taught his flock the Law of God, tried to fight heresy, demonstrating strength of character and convictions. After Methodius’ death, a large number of his works remained, dedicated to the defense of Christianity, the interpretation of the Holy Scripture. There were also works with dogmas against heresy, various teachings. It is known that in 312 the bishop was captured by pagans and sentenced to death.

And what about the weather? Signs for today:

  • Rain on Methodius Day? It will rain for another forty days.
  • If spiders do not weave webs and even destroy the old ones, there will be prolonged bad weather with strong winds ahead.
  • If spiders are diligently weaving their webs, the warm and sunny weather will last for a few more days.
  • If ants hide in an anthill, expect a strong wind. If they gather in small groups, it means rain and thunderstorms.
  • If swans cry in the evening, it means bad weather.
  • The toad has crawled out onto the grass, the frogs are starting to jump on dry land, the swans are starting to cry out in the evening – in all these cases, expect rain.

The following people celebrate their name day today: Dmitry, Afanasy, Inna, Rimma, Naum, Gleb, Andrey, Ivan, Nikolay.

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