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July 9 – Day of David of Thessalonica or Strawberry

July 9 – Day of David of Thessalonica or Strawberry

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This day was called «strawberry day» by the people for one simple reason — strawberries were ripening and everyone went to the forests to pick them. By the way, not only berries but also leaves of the plant were put into baskets. Various medicines were made from them. Including adding to tea — such a drink, those in the know assure, gives strength, restores immunity, and improves overall well-being.

The Church honors the memory of Saint David of Thessalonica. He is known for having lived in a hut in Thessaloniki for 70 years. During this time, he prayed incessantly and fasted. As a reward, he received from God the gift of miracles and was able to heal many people from illnesses. People also often came to David to get advice on this or that situation — he never refused anyone this.

As for the signs for July 9:

  • Sunny day on David’s Day? Good weather will last until autumn
  • If you need to borrow money on July 9, you can put some strawberry grass in your pocket and go ask for a loan — you will definitely be given a loan.
  • Hot weather today? There will be about 40 more hot days with drought and no precipitation.
  • Drought on July 9 – there will be no mushrooms until autumn.
  • When watering, the seedlings completely absorb water — to drought. If, on the contrary, water remains on the surface of the soil on July 9, then expect rain in the near future.
  • It started raining and the bad weather won’t let up until September.
  • Lots of berries mean a frosty winter.
Name days are celebrated today by: Denis, Pavel, Georgy, Tikhon, Ivan, David.

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