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June 15 – Green loach, Nikifor’s day. Houses were decorated with birch branches

June 15 – Green loach, Nikifor’s day. Houses were decorated with birch branches

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On June 15, in Rus’, girls wove wreaths for good luck — they made them from bindweed. Houses on this day were decorated with birch branches. In principle, the current day was a holiday. The peasants gathered outside the outskirts in noisy groups, after which they walked through the streets in a friendly crowd and sang songs dedicated to the couples who got married this year. In the evening, young people gathered for games. On June 15, a freshly baked loaf was always placed on the table, which was the personification of the sun, wealth, and prosperity.

The Church today honors the memory of St. Nikephoros, Patriarch and Confessor of Constantinople.

The weather signs for today are as follows:

  • The sun rises in the fog? To a quiet and stuffy day.
  • The fog disappears after sunrise — good weather.
  • During sunrise it is stuffy — a sign of bad weather.
  • The weather will be hot and sunny if the sky is blue, golden or hot pink at sunset.
  • When spiders don’t work at all, tear part of their web and crawl into a dark corner, there will be wind.
  • Beetles are buzzing — bad weather.
  • The north wind will disperse any rain.
  • The spines of the perianth of the thistle (burdock) spread to the sides, took a horizontal position, the head became more prickly, and emits a sweet smell — for good weather.
  • The sun went behind the clouds in the evening — bad weather.
  • The nightingale sings all night — towards a sunny day.
  • From night to morning it is quiet — the weather will be good.
  • The wind increased after calm, prolonged weather — leading to rain.
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Name days on this day are celebrated by: Maria, Dmitry, Nikifor, Konstantin, Ivan.

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