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June 16 is Luke Vetrennik Day. The wind blows…

June 16 is Luke Vetrennik Day. The wind blows…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People noted that on June 16 very strong winds often blow. We observed the direction and their power. They believed that in this way it was possible to determine the weather for the coming days and months, and not only:

  • the south wind promised a good spring harvest,
  • the northwest wind promised a rainy summer,
  • eastern — diseases,
  • northeast – strong winds in summer.

The Church today honors the memory of Saint Lucian. He lived in the 3rd century on the territory of Antioch. In his mature years he was a pagan. However, in his old age he believed in Christ and was baptized himself. During his lifetime, Lucian preached a lot and even converted his listeners to the faith. Following the denunciation of the Jews, he was captured and thrown into prison. There he met four youths named Paul, Dionysius, Hypatius and Claudius. They also converted to Christianity, and it was with them that Lucian was thrown into the oven. However, legend says that the Lord spared their lives. Then the martyrs were sent to Byzantium, and there Saint Lucian was crucified on the cross, and the youths were beheaded.

And a few more signs for June 16:

  • If the whirlwind slowly rises to the sky from the ground, and then rotates for a long time, it means clear weather in the coming days.
  • A thunderstorm on Lukyan means poor haymaking.
  • Heavy rain means a good mushroom harvest.
Name day on June 16th is celebrated by: Denis, Dmitry, Kirill, Pavla (Polina), Julian, Afanasy, Lukyan, Mikhail.

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