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June 2 – Falaley-Borage Day (Leontia). Cucumbers!

June 2 – Falaley-Borage Day (Leontia). Cucumbers!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Falalei Day was also called — Falalei Warm, Borage, Alexy’s Day, Gryadochnik, Falalei Warm… June 2, people believed, was the most favorable time for planting cucumbers in open ground. As a rule, the days were exceptionally warm and people prayed to the gods, asking them to send abundant rains in order to then reap a rich harvest. And the cucumbers were sown in secret from the neighbors! The first vegetable that grew was buried in the garden, sacrificing it to the saints — they believed that in this case a lot of cucumbers would grow.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyrs Asterius, Alexander and Thalaleus, whose lives are dated to the year 284. These people suffered for their faith in Christ — they were subjected to severe torture and killed by cutting off their heads. By the way, the youngest Falaley was 18 years old at that time.

In addition, June 2 marks the discovery of the relics of St. Metropolitan Alexy of Moscow, a famous Russian miracle worker. The event took place in 1431.

The signs for today are:

  • If it rains, the whole summer will be sunny.
  • Rain June 2 – snowfalls will begin in December.
  • Are there a lot of cones on the Christmas trees? There will be a good harvest of cucumbers and gooseberries.
  • If there is heavy dew in the evening, the next day will be sunny.
  • Ducks continuously splash and dive — towards the rain.
  • Rainbow in the morning — wait for the rain.
  • High clouds slowly float across the sky — good weather.
  • The sun went into a cloud — bad weather.
  • Is it stuffy and warm in the evening? To the rain.
  • The chickweed flowers did not open until 9 am — there will be rain during the day.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Vladimir, Alexander, Ivan, Alexey, Nikita, Timofey.

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