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June 23 – Timothy Day. Any little thing can be a sign

June 23 – Timothy Day. Any little thing can be a sign

CrimeaPRESS reports:

People considered June 23 a very difficult day. They were sure that ghosts walked around the Earth and confused the living. This day was also called “Mouse Day”. Cause? Often today people imagined hordes of mice on the threshing floors. Such a vision, of course, did not bode well. They said: “The signs of Timofey not only threaten with a thunderstorm!” Someone saw warriors flying between the clouds — there was going to be war. Flocks of crows flying over the village are a pestilence. They tried not to take garbage out of the hut that day. Because if the wind blows and carries him to the neighbor’s house, then the world will no longer be seen. And on this day the children generally needed an eye and an eye. For example, if a child leaves a spoon open on the table, there will be no good harvest this year. In other words, the slightest detail, which in another time no one would have paid attention to, became a prophecy on Timothy’s day.

At the same time, on June 23, it was customary to collect medicinal herbs and read self-composed prayers. In addition, baths were heated and brooms were prepared for the whole year.

The Church today honors the memory of the martyr Timothy, who is also known as the Bishop of Prussia.

The signs for June 23 are as follows:

  • Stuffy weather at sunrise means rain.
  • Woodlice blooms in the morning — a sign of good weather.
  • If during thunderstorms white clouds run ahead of blue ones, expect hail.
  • At night and in the evening it is warmer in the forest than in open areas, and in the lowlands it is cold — the weather will be good.
  • On a fine day, if you don’t see ants, it’s bad weather.
  • Crows are tufting — a sign of bad weather.
  • Ducks, chickens and geese are plucked — for rain.
  • A chicken wagging its tail means wet weather.
  • No spiders are visible — the weather will change.
  • Droplets of sticky sap on willow leaves mean bad weather.

Name days are celebrated today by: Anna, Antonina, Alexey, Gerasim, Vasily, Makar, Ilya, Innokenty, Timofey, Andrey.

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