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June 26 is the day of Akulina Buckwheat. Eat porridge, but don't drink milk!

June 26 is the day of Akulina Buckwheat. Eat porridge, but don't drink milk!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Among the people, Akulina’s day was listed as a holiday of porridge. The peasants prepared porridge, put it on the street and treated it to the poor. They said: “Buckwheat porridge is our mother, and rye bread is our dear father.” The beggars, in gratitude for the treat, wished the owners wealth and prosperity so that the buckwheat would grow well. But! On Akulina, porridge was never washed down with milk. There was a sign that on this day it becomes “shark-like”, harmful to health, because insect bites can cause livestock to become rabid. Such fears were associated with the fact that on June 26, horseflies and gadflies appear that bite animals. They tried to drive livestock out to pastures in the morning and drive them into the barn at noon, hoping in this way to protect them from insects. Therefore, by the way, this day was also called “Put up your tails.” The cattle behaved very restlessly at this time. So, cows ran through the meadows, fanning themselves with their tails, and people said that cattle were going crazy from the heat.

On June 26, the church honors the memory of the holy martyr Akulina. She lived in the 3rd century and from childhood she wanted to serve Jesus. She also tried to guide her friends on the right path. During the persecution of non-Christians, she was arrested and imprisoned, and then executed. The torturers did not even take into account Akulina’s age — at the time of her death she was only 12 years old. At first she was scourged with hot rods and her head was drilled, but an angel resurrected Akulina. After that, her head was cut off.

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Weather signs for today:

  • A lot of insects — for warm and clear weather.
  • Mosquitoes and midges are crowding around like a column — tomorrow it will be dry.
  • If bees set out for prey early in the morning, it’s a good day.
  • The cross spider sits in its web at sunset — dry weather is ahead.

Name days are celebrated today by: Rodion, Alexander, Andrey, Anna, Antonina, Daniil, Dmitry, Ivan, Pelageya, Yakov.

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