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June 3 — Elena-Lenoseika Day. predicted the weather

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Also on June 3 they call Flax, Deer-flax, Deer — early dew, Deer — late oats, Deer — long flax, long flax, Konstantin the borage …

On this day, flax, yaritsa, buckwheat, barley and late wheat were sown, and cucumbers were also planted. They said: «Alena — flax, Konstantin — cucumbers.» There was also a tradition associated with June 3: the hostess, taking an old and pre-stored bast shoe, went out into the street and dragged the bast shoe to the garden with her foot, and there, throwing it into the garden with cucumbers, she said: “How densely this bast shoe weaved, so that my cucumbers weaved densely!»

The Church today honors the memory of the holy Tsar Constantine the Great and his mother Helena. They are famous for the fact that they did a lot for the formation of Orthodox Christianity. Therefore, in Rus’ on June 3, they also remember the children of the royal family — Mikhail and Fedor, who were miracle workers of the Great Murom. On this day, another holiday is also celebrated — the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, established in 1521.

The weather signs are:

  • If it rains and bad weather on Olen, then autumn will be rainy.
  • If on June 3 — rain with hail, then on December 3 on Prokla — snow with grits.
  • The moon in a circle on this day — to cloudy weather.
  • The cuckoo cuckoos — good weather.

Name days are celebrated today by: Mikhail, Yaroslav, Elena, Fedor, Kirill, Konstantin.

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