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June 30 is St. Manuel's Day. Beware of evil spirits today

June 30 is St. Manuel's Day. Beware of evil spirits today

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The main danger of June 30, people believed: on this day it is difficult to protect yourself from evil forces — people are now very vulnerable. On Manuel the sun stagnates, clouds of fog appear, rivers of milk flow. They said that evil spirits come to the huts, try to steal away the person, drag them away. Manlzhet, deceiver, maniha — one who beckons, calls, these are the names of various unclean spirits that can manifest themselves in the guise of a ghostly vision (including a dead person) and beckon, seduce, that is, fool, deceive. Alluring creatures invisibly walk around the house, knock and make noise, scatter dishes, throw things, turn off the lights, moan, lament, take on unexpected and frightening images, they escape from the house and destroy people. Most often, manami was the name given to unclean spirits living in the house, outbuildings and correlated with the brownie, kikimora, and the dead. They are the ones to be afraid of today.

In addition, on the evening of June 30, our ancestors believed, it was forbidden to go to the lake. It was believed that Maniha or Manya was sitting by the pond, who, with the beauty of water lilies, lured beauties closer and dragged them to the bottom. They also believed that Manya and her daughter walked through courtyards at night and lured people into the forests to give them to the devil. It was customary on this day to light fires on the banks of lakes and rivers to scare away evil spirits.

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The Church today honors the memory of three brothers named Ismail, Manuel and Savel, who came from the family of a very noble pagan, but at the same time their mother was an adherent of Christianity and raised her sons according to the Law of God. In adulthood, the brothers were called to Emperor Julian in order to negotiate. However, as soon as the envoys learned that they had to take part in a pagan holiday, they refused to do so, which aroused the anger of those around them. Julian ordered the brothers to immediately renounce Christ, but they did not agree to this. Then they were subjected to a lot of torture and then beheaded. Soon after their death, the veneration of the three brothers began.

Signs of the day:

  • Thunderstorm on June 30? To a good harvest.
  • If the water lilies have not risen from the water by 9 am on this day, it means cold weather and bad weather.
  • A rainbow appeared in the sky this evening? The weather will be good.
  • Crimson sunset — the wind will soon rise and it will rain.
Today’s name days are celebrated by: Dina, Joseph, Isaac, Kirill, Clement, Nikita, Pelageya.

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