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June 8 — Karp Karpolov Day. And the scent of rose hips…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On June 8, people thought, it was necessary to go fishing! They said that the carp on this day is just fine to catch! And even now our ancestors tried to breathe in the aroma of wild rose. They believed that such a ritual would help get rid of a large number of diseases and protect against ailments.

On June 8, the church honors the memory of Karp, who was one of the disciples of St. Paul. Very little is known about the life of this man, since he is not mentioned very often in the sacred books.

In addition, our ancestors on this day invited a stove-maker to the house, who inspected the stove, correcting it if necessary. After work, the masters were treated to a loaf. AND! Another piece of loaf was always placed behind the stove to feed the brownie, because he was disturbed during the repair.

Weather forecast for today:

  • Do ducks dive and splash in ponds? To the rain
  • The weather will be fine if mosquitoes swarm.
  • Do fish play in the river at the surface of the water, jumping out every now and then? For wet weather.
  • The decline of the river — to the rain, profit — to the weather.
  • A good harvest of sorrel on June 8 — the summer will be warm.
  • Do frogs croak loudly? Expect rain soon.

Name days on June 8 are celebrated by: Elena, Alexander, Andrey, George, David, Ivan, Karp, Makar, Mark.

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