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Kapsel Bay near Sudak has been landscaped with more than 1,600 trees and shrubs

Kapsel Bay near Sudak has been landscaped with more than 1,600 trees and shrubs

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On October 28, the Green Festival “Tavrida.ART” was held near the city of Sudak in Crimea. Crimeans and guests of the peninsula gathered near Cape Meganom to plant evergreen trees and perennial shrubs in the coastal zone. As a result, more than 1,600 plants appeared in Kapsel Bay.

The green festival “Tavrida.ART” became the third historical round of afforestation on the peninsula. The coastal zone and the territory of the Tavrida art cluster will be decorated with Himalayan cedars, Sudak pines, cypresses, almonds, junipers and many other plants.

Kapsel Bay near Sudak has been landscaped with more than 1,600 trees and shrubs Kapsel Bay near Sudak has been landscaped with more than 1,600 trees and shrubs Kapsel Bay near Sudak has been landscaped with more than 1,600 trees and shrubs

The large-scale event brought together more than 3,500 guests near Sudak. Those who decided to contribute to the greening of the bay came from different cities of Crimea: from Feodosia to Sevastopol, as well as from the cities of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Among them are schoolchildren, students, families with children, employees of local companies, media representatives, bloggers, artists, and officials.

I came from a city quite remote from Sudak, Bakhchisarai, with only one goal — to contribute to the landscaping of this picturesque bay and Crimea as a whole. You cannot be indifferent and think that they will do a good deed for you. You need to pick up a shovel, like today, and go plant a tree! This is important to me, because Crimea is the place where I and my children live!, — notes festival guest Elena Knyazeva.

For the first time in the history of the art cluster, the ambassadors of the event were residents of Crimea. These are people from different cities, completely different professions and interests. A powerlifting coach, the director of the Sudak Fortress museum-reserve, a kindergarten teacher, a librarian, an educational psychologist, a manicurist, a nurse at a city hospital — they not only told their colleagues and fellow countrymen about the Festival, but also came with their families to take part in landing.

Trees in Kapsel Bay were also planted by officials — representatives of the administration of the city of Sudak, heads of ministries of the Republic of Crimea, heads of large environmental organizations, as well as representatives of the social project “Team Starship Troopers”, athletes, popular artists, famous TV presenters, and public figures.

Starship Troopers always joins such wonderful events that are significant both for the country and for everyone personally. Today we witnessed and participated in the planting of trees — this is a significant day for Crimea. The green festival “Tavrida.ART” has confidently become an example for the whole country in holding such large-scale events. I think this stock is worth emulatingsays track and field athlete, two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Masterkova.

Popular performers, the pop rock band The Hatters and the singer HABIB, now have their own trees in Crimea. They planted personalized trees on the territory of the Meganom Academy of Creative Industries.

I hope this is not the last tree I will plant; I would like to participate in such events again. And most importantly, we need to protect the forest, trees and everything that surrounds us. I encourage everyone to join our challenge! I am very glad that I now have a personalized tree. This is not my first time in Taurida and I am sure that when I come here again, I will be happy to come and see how my cypress tree is doing,” emphasizes HABIB.

The event turned out to be truly family-friendly, as many families with children came. Friends also visited the Festival «Tavrida.ART» — “Artek” and “Movement of the First”.

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A competition of creative works on the theme “Green Crimea” was held in all schools of Sudak. Children from 6 to 17 years old sent drawings and crafts reflecting their vision of the nature of the peninsula, as well as an environmentally friendly and sustainable world. 43 entries were received. All were presented at the Festival in the exhibition hall of the Academy.

A large autumn harvest fair with products from Crimean farmers was held at the ART-EXPO art cluster site. More than 45 agricultural producers from different regions brought vegetables and fruits, cheeses, sausages, fish, honey and other products.

Guests who planted a tree could have a free snack at the Tastes of Crimea picnic. At food outlets with Russian and Tatar cuisine in the street food format, they were offered dishes from the Russian oven — pies, loaf, millet porridge with pumpkin, and were also treated to Tatar azu and pilaf from a cauldron.

In addition, the creative workshops of the Meganom Academy hosted lectures from experts, activities from partners, and master classes for adults and children. The Fair of Crimean Craftsmen is located on Fountain Square. Guests were also given excursions around the Academy, there was live music from invited DJs on the beach all day, and performances by Tavrida residents and Festival headliners — HABIBA and the band The Hatters — took place on the main stage.

Among the partners of the Green Festival «Tavrida.ART» are the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Roszapovedtsentr, Mriya Resort & SPA, RNKB bank, Eco-botanica company, Turgenevskaya agricultural firm, ANO «Memory Garden», VOD «Forest Volunteers», ECA Movement, Sochi Arboretum, Nikitsky Botanical Garden, garden center and plant nursery Imperial Garden.

source: press service of the art cluster “Tavrida.ART”

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