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KFU scientists intend to determine the tourism and recreational potential of the Azov Sea coast

KFU scientists intend to determine the tourism and recreational potential of the Azov Sea coast

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Scientists of the Crimean Federal University named after. V.I. Vernadsky will conduct an interregional expedition to identify the tourist and recreational resource potential of the Azov Sea coast. The organizer is the Russian Geographical Society under the scientific supervision of KFU. V. I. Vernadsky.

This idea is extremely interesting; it has been in the air for a very long time. I participated in the Azov Environmental Forum in Berdyansk six months ago. There we discussed tourism and the ecology of the Azov Sea. I shared my emotions and acquired knowledge with colleagues from the Russian Geographical Society. We were inspired by the idea of ​​​​implementing an interesting project. Our Faculty of Geography and the Department of Tourism have long-standing traditions in tourist and recreational assessment of territories, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and have qualified specialists, — the press service of the university quotes a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism of the Tauride Academy of KFU. V.I. Vernadsky, chairman of the branch of the Russian Geographical Society in the Republic of Crimea Gennady Samokhin.

The project participants are leading universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as six Azov regions of Russia: Crimea, Rostov, Krasnodar, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, Donetsk People’s Republic. In total, about 50 specialists and volunteers will be involved. The project will run until October 2024. It will include three blocks: preparation, field and reporting stages. The field stage starts in July. Three crews will cover more than 3,500 km along the entire coast of the Azov Sea: from Genichesk to Kerch and the Arabat Spit. In total, scientists will have to explore 250 points within a month. It is planned to assess the material and technical base of recreation and tourism in the Azov region, as well as the current state and development trends of the tourist and recreational complex of the territories.

Our task is to capture all villages, settlements, interesting places, recreational facilities, national parks and nature reserves within a strip of about three kilometers from the seashore. We must visit these places, draw up a passport of the objects, and conduct research. The work will be carried out in two key areas: natural and anthropogenic. We will evaluate the condition of the beaches, water, and climate. The anthropogenic factor is associated with humans. We have created four questionnaires related to the development of territories, which are already being launched by fellow volunteers in six regions. Questionnaires cover the regional administration, local residents, travel agencies and vacationerssays Gennady Samokhin.

According to him, based on the research carried out, strategic directions for optimizing the tourist and recreational complex of the Azov region will be formed. Experts will prepare the results in recommendation brochures for specific regions, including for regional authorities, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Economic Development. In addition, the expedition participants will prepare a monograph of 400–500 pages, and will also create 22 maps of the Azov coast: a passport of tourist and recreational resource potential will be compiled for each point of description.

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According to Gennady Samokhin, a similar project has already been implemented in Crimea and Sevastopol. In 2014, the first grant was received from the Russian Geographical Society to study the tourism and recreational resource potential of the Crimean Peninsula, as a result of which a scientific monograph was published.

source: KFU press service

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