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KFU scientists presented «Atlas of Sociocultural Processes in Crimea»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Geographers-social scientists of the Crimean Federal University published the «Atlas of Socio-Cultural Processes in Crimea».

It cartographically visualizes the whole complex of geopolitical, socio-political, geo-demographic, ethnic, confessional and socio-economic characteristics of the Crimea, leading to the formation of new values ​​and cultural traditions. On their maps, the authors reflected the studied processes in dynamics, relatively speaking, what happened before and after 2014 year. This made it possible to identify trends that will determine the future of the socio-cultural development of Crimea. Of course, we also identified the problems of the spatial development of our region. Their cartographic visualization makes it possible to draw conclusions, forecasts and formulate tasks for management decisions in our region , — quotes the press service of the university, professor of the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology and Tourism of the Crimean Federal University Igor Voronin.

The Atlas is a comprehensive cartographic model reflecting the development of Crimea as a unique Russian region.

Атлас социокультурных процессов в Крыму

According to the specialist, the atlas turned out to be capacious not only in terms of the number of maps, charts and infographics, but also in terms of content and topics that cover a variety of processes of socio-cultural development of Crimea.

Many plots of the presented maps are developed for the territory of the peninsula for the first time. As an example, I can cite such curious and unusual maps as «Crimean Spring», «Crimea in cinematography», a series of geopolitical maps, «The geographical image of Crimea in the view of local residents» and others. The Atlas also contains several large classical blocks devoted to the population, economy, social sphere and development strategy of the region , — Igor Voronin notes.

This is a unique publication not only for the Crimea, but also for the Russian practice of regional atlases.

Not every subject of the Russian Federation can boast of having a geographical atlas. The previous atlas of Crimea was published back in 620 year, and then it was a comprehensive geographical Atlas of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. The current edition in terms of subject matter, form and content has no analogues in Russia , — emphasizes Igor Voronin.

«Atlas of Sociocultural Processes in Crimea» was published with the grant support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (project 02-00022-). Previously, experts have already launched a virtual version of the atlas (Link:

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photo: © Ilya Gogunsky / Press Service of the Crimean Federal University

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