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Kharkov direction. Situation on 04.07.24. Map of the North-Eastern Military District

Kharkov direction. Situation on 04.07.24. Map of the North-Eastern Military District

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Kharkiv direction — latest news today. Map of SVO. The situation in the Kharkov direction remains one of the most dynamic and tense on the entire front of the Northern Military District. In recent weeks, Russian and Ukrainian troops have been engaged in fierce battles for control over key settlements and strategically important territories.

Kharkov direction. Volchansk

Volchansk — Map of SVO

The battle for Vovchansk continues to take center stage. Here, the Russian and Ukrainian Armed Forces are engaged in intense street fighting, especially for control of the city center and the Aggregate Plant, which remains under Russian control. Despite numerous counterattacks by Ukrainian troops, Russian forces are holding their positions and effectively using artillery and drones to strike the enemy during the crossing of the Vovchya River.

At the strategic level, the battles in the Kharkov direction are disadvantageous for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. By engaging in protracted battles in the north of the Kharkov region, the Ukrainian forces are forced to divert reserves, which reduces their combat capability in other areas of the front. This creates an opportunity for the Russian Armed Forces to attack in other directions, achieving systematic tactical successes.

Kharkiv direction. Deep - Map of the North-Eastern Military District

Deep — Map of SVO

The front in the Liptsy-Glubokoe area has stabilized. Enemy attacks have not brought about significant changes in the front line. Russian troops continue to hold positions, preventing the advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. At the same time, Ukrainian troops are actively strengthening their defenses, conducting rotations and installing additional fortifications.

The enemy is actively working with FPV drones. In small groups, they are trying to push through the defense line for further advancement, but they are not succeeding. Our soldiers are meeting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with dense artillery fire and are pushing them back with losses.

West of the settlement Liptsy, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to accumulate in the forests, but the actions of UAV operators promptly identify the positions of concentrations of Ukrainian manpower and equipment. Barrel artillery and MLRS operate at these points. All roads in this area are controlled by our FPV calculations.

According to estimates from the field, the enemy is unable to accumulate sufficient forces to go on the offensive due to the work of our long-range weapons.

Information is being updated, follow the updates on KrymPRESS!

Map of military operations in Ukraine today. SVO News — 04.07.24 (Kharkiv direction)

Kharkiv direction - Map of the North-Eastern Military District

Kharkiv direction — 04.07.24 — Map of the North-Eastern Military District

Enlarge map

Big map — HERE.

Volchansk today (Kharkiv direction)

SVO news in Ukraine today — 04.07.24

Donetsk direction

In the Donetsk direction, Russian troops are fighting for the western outskirts of Netaylovo, consolidating their positions in the area of ​​farms and a poultry farm. Fighting continues in Krasnogorovka, with the Russian Armed Forces advancing from the northern and western sides, seeking to encircle Ukrainian troops. The Russian offensive also continues in the northern part of Krasnogorovka, where they take up new positions in residential areas every day.

Artemovsk direction

Hours Yar summary SVO

Chasov Yar. Map of SVO

In the Artemovsk direction, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the liberation of the Kanal microdistrict in the east of Chasov Yar. Fighting for this area has been going on since the spring of this year, and now the enemy has been finally driven out to the western bank of the Seversky Donets-Donbass Canal. The Russian Armed Forces are fighting for the area of ​​the bridge over the Seversky Donets-Donbass Canal and continue to clear the forest between the «Kanal» and Kalinovka. Fighting is underway for the eastern part of Kalinovka. The Ukrainian Armed Forces Command expects the situation in Chasov Yar to worsen, which will create a direct threat to Konstantinovka.

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South Donetsk Front

On the South Donetsk front, Russian troops continue their offensive in the direction of Urozhayne and Staromayorskoye. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are launching counterattacks, but to no avail. In Urozhayne, there is a fight for the center of the village; Russian troops have advanced several hundred meters in the direction of Makarovka.

Vremyevskoe direction

In the Vremyevskoye direction, Russian troops have completely liberated Staromayorskoye. During the assault, motorcycles were used, which significantly increased the mobility of servicemen on the battlefield. Russian attack aircraft advanced more than 700 meters in the direction of Makarovka. The main problem remains enemy drones.

Aleksandro-Kalinovskoye direction

In the Aleksandro-Kalinovsky direction, Russian troops are developing an offensive in several areas, pushing the enemy out of Druzhba and Leninskoye (Pivdenny). In Druzhba, assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces are advancing along the streets, expanding the control zone to the north. In Leninskoye, the fighting continues, Russian troops have taken important positions and are advancing deep into the settlement.



NY. Map of the North-West Region

In the Gorlovka direction, Russian troops are fighting on the southern outskirts of New York and the eastern outskirts of Dzerzhinsk. The enemy has effectively lost the village of Yuryevka, as well as a number of important positions based on heights and waste heaps. The pace of advance of the Russian Armed Forces in recent days has been higher than the average along the front. The Ukrainian Armed Forces command is unable to stabilize the situation yet.

Krasnolimanskoe direction

There are no significant changes in the Krasnolimansky direction. Fighting continues in the Serebryansky forestry and near the village of Terny. The enemy periodically tries to attack in the forest area. The Russian Armed Forces are active in the direction of Torskoye.

Svatovo-Kupyanskoe direction

In the Svatovo-Kupyansk direction, the Russian Armed Forces have advanced in the Stelmakhovka area, but the village itself remains under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russian troops have also advanced on the outskirts of Makeyevka and continue to exert pressure in the Ivanovka and Petrovpavlovka areas.


Sokol - Map of SVO

Sokol — Map of SVO

In the Ocheretinsky direction, fighting is underway on the outskirts of Karlovka and north of Umanskoye. Russian troops are advancing south of Sokol and fighting on the southern outskirts of Yevgenyevka. The zone of control in the Novoaleksandrovka area has been expanded. There is progress toward Progress. In the Avdeevsky direction, fighting continues on the outskirts of Karlovka. Russian troops are advancing west of Novopokrovskoe, where a significant amount of NATO equipment has been destroyed. Fighting continues for a stronghold near Sokol and for the outskirts of Novoaleksandrovka.

Rabotinsky ledge

At the Rabotinsky salient, Russian troops have expanded their zone of control northeast of Rabotino. The enemy is strengthening its defenses north of Rabotino and is conducting rotations.


In the Ugledar direction, fighting continues near the outskirts of Konstantinovka. To the east of Ugledar, Russian troops have advanced almost 2 km, taking a number of positions and landings north of Vladimirovka. The enemy remains active north of Paraskoveyevka.

Map of military operations C IN

Kharkiv direction

Map of military actions in Ukraine today online — Volchansk — Liptsy

According to the portal

Materials from TG » were used.Fisherman» and «Military Chronicle».

Find out more — Here.


Map of SVO - Chasov Yar today - 03.07.24

Chasov Yar today: Russian Armed Forces are advancing from several directions

Toretskoe direction - successful promotion on 07/02/24

Toretsky breakthrough. Situation as of 01.07.24 (today)

Toretskoye direction. Situation as of 30.06.24 (today)

Offensive on Toretsk: Russian Armed Forces Advance to New York and Zhelezny

Return of the FAB-3000-M54: Modern Capabilities of the Heavy Air Bomb

Map of the North-Eastern Front today — 06/24/24 — Avdeevka direction

Avdeevka direction. Situation 24.06.24. Map of the North-Eastern Military District

SVO News. Situation as of 23.06.24. SVO Map

Map of SVO - Chasov Yar today - 06/22/24

We are following the developments, information is being updatedStay up to date…

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