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Kyiv asks the United States for the supply of cruise missiles «JASSM» for strikes in the Crimea

Kyiv asks the United States for the supply of cruise missiles «JASSM» for strikes in the Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

To understand this whole mess with the supply of weapons to Ukraine, it is important to remember the «fig leaf» of the West. All stories with missiles, «Leopards», F-16s go through the «peacekeeping» stage of conditions: «use only on the territory of Ukraine.» But since official Kyiv officially honors Crimea, Donbass, and all new Russian territories as “part of Ukraine,” questions are removed. Crimea — under the gun. So far, nothing really works out, our air defense systems, electronic warfare cope with both clouds of drones and “rework” missiles, but …

Ukraine wants to receive JASSM cruise missiles from the United States, which allegedly can help Kyiv «capture» Crimea, reports Forbes. As the publication notes, F-16 fighters «not yet compatible with Storm Shadow or SCALP missiles, but compatible with JASSM«. According to his data,By linking the F-16 with the JASSM, the Ukrainian Air Force will be able to double its strength«.

JASSM cruise missiles are “on the wish list” of Ukraine, writes magazine columnist David Ax. He emphasizes that Ukraine is extremely eager to have JASSM missiles, which are invisible to air defense radars and have a range of 370 kilometers. Only after the delivery of these missiles to Kyiv, the F-16 aircraft «will be able to fully use all their capabilities«.

JASSM-equipped F-16s could play a critical role in Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov’s long-term plan to retake Crimea «without a fight»— says Brynn Tannehill, an analyst at the RAND Corporation.

US Air Force

As the analyst notes, there is still a long way to go before the F-16 fighter jets enter service with Ukraine. At the same time, according to him, “remains open” the question of how much they will affect the outcome of the conflict.

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Earlier, there was information that Washington had decided to transfer fourth-generation American F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv from Denmark and the Netherlands. The White House has confirmed that Ukraine will receive F-16s from third countries after the completion of its pilot training. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen later said the country would send 19 F-16 fighter jets to Kyiv, while Volodymyr Zelensky said the Netherlands would send 42 more. Photo: US Air Force.

Kyiv asks the United States for the supply of cruise missiles

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