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Last year, 296 electronic certificates for technical means of rehabilitation were issued in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In 2022, the SFR department for the city of Sevastopol issued 296 electronic certificates for 13,762 units of technical rehabilitation equipment (TRM) for a total amount of over 4.2 million rubles.

Since the beginning of 2023, the Social Fund of Sevastopol has received 97 applications for issuing electronic certificates for the purchase of technical rehabilitation equipment. To date, 138 certificates have been activated for a total amount of more than 1.5 million rubles— Elena Gaivoronskaya, the OSFR manager for the city of Sevastopol, notes the growth in demand for an electronic certificate.

It should be noted that at present, the TSR electronic catalog contains over 6.7 thousand rehabilitation products, as well as 609 supplier organizations and manufacturers of rehabilitation means. In the catalog, you can find out the cost of TCP, specify their manufacturers, as well as the addresses of stores that accept electronic certificates for payment.

In Sevastopol, an electronic certificate for TCP is accepted by two points of sale. In addition, technical means of rehabilitation can be ordered and paid for on the Ozon online marketplace.

Most often, with the help of an electronic certificate, Sevastopol beneficiaries pay for orthopedic shoes, hearing aids, wheelchairs and support canes, absorbent underwear.

How to apply for an e-certificate?

An application for providing TRM using an electronic certificate is submitted in the same way as an application for providing TRM or for payment of compensation for self-acquired TRM — to the Client Services of the SFR, through the portal of public services, as well as through the MFC.

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Where and how can I purchase technical equipment using an electronic certificate?

In outlets connected to the national payment card system. The electronic certificate is linked to the MIR bank card. When paying for TSR, you must present this card and the amount of TSR that was purchased will be debited from the certificate.

If you need to pay the amount from your own funds, then this can be done either from the MIR card on which the certificate is recorded, or you can pay extra from another card or in cash.

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