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Last year, the birth of more than 19 thousand children was registered in Crimea

Last year, the birth of more than 19 thousand children was registered in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In 2023, the birth of 19 59 children was registered in Crimea. This is 682 more children than in 2022; then, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Crimea recalled, there were 18,477 birth records.

The largest number of registrations was in the Simferopol district civil registry office department — 4,561, in the birth registration department of the city of Simferopol — 4,426, in the Yevpatoriya city civil registry office department — 1,080, in the Yalta city civil registry office department — 961, in the Kerch city civil registry office department — 921, in Dzhankoysky district registry office — 826.

The largest number of birth records was compiled in August — 1,929, as well as in July — 1,717 and in March — 1,665. There were fewer newborn boys than girls during the year: 9,408 and 9,751. Also, 183 were registered in 2023 twins and 4 tripletsnoted the Republican Ministry of Justice.

When registering births, children were given names that were mostly popular in Crimea: Ivan, Alexander, Ibrahim, Vladimir, Alina, Sofia, Maria, Amina.

Among the rarest names last year were: Esther, Kamiya, Jesmond-Lev, Leam, Jonah, Yamina, Sevinch, Zamfira, Seitennan, Ailiz, Archana (male), Henri, Versavia, Nuh, Inaet, Alexandros, Rebiya, Iva, Asal, Sofa, Kailash, Tamin, Zharifa, Emirlan, Juvairiya, Yunia, Umut, Mesut, Manisa, Adilina, Elana, Mitras, Sara-Svetlana, Atom, Eliso, Nart, Ulkera, Milan, Mariel, Mikael, Evlampia, Anthea, Zarniyar, Bagrat, Elite, Melitina, Mirsana, Omer, Ugur, Salin, Ekaterina-Vasilisa, Almaz, Rukaya, Anyuta, Karimulla, Radisla, Aldiyar, Eldis, Lastimira, Evstasia, Masal (female), Idona, Ladomira, Ayat, Nihon , Ofarid, Daarika, Mannon, Genevieve, Felis, Tsilianna, Amedi, Keya, Alita, Hrachya, Gloriana, Lunalika, Samiya, Zubair, Thais, Diamid, Ava-Sherfe, North.

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