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Lawyer, economist or ..: Sevastopol parents will be told how to help children with choosing a profession

Lawyer, economist or ..: Sevastopol parents will be told how to help children with choosing a profession

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Career management experts, labor market analysts, psychologists, as well as representatives of companies, universities and government agencies will conduct «lessons of help». Specialists from the country’s largest career guidance project for schoolchildren «Ticket to the Future» have released the first course for parents in Russia, which will help support and guide the child in choosing a profession and education, as well as reduce anxiety. According to Ivan Esin, Managing Director of the Humanitarian Projects Foundation, choosing a profession is difficult for children, but this topic is no less exciting for parents.

The goal of our course is to provide parents with a useful, understandable and effective toolkit that will help them at the stage of shaping the future of their children.— quotes the press service of Ivan Yesin.

Classes are absolutely free and available to absolutely everyone from anywhere in the country.

According to Ivan Yesin, the course consists of short video lessons, combined into five thematic modules, as well as supplemented with tips and practical advice. So, for example, in one of the modules, parents will study in detail the trends and the current state of affairs in the labor market, learn about promising professions and sectors of the economy, the necessary skills that are important for employers today, as well as what tools exist to introduce teenagers to professions and how to properly talk to your child about the future. In addition, experts will help you figure out how to study universities and colleges, how to work with information aggregators and what sources to use, how to read curricula and why. The course for parents complements the existing line of useful and free tools that are available after minimal registration at the link

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Recall that the project «Ticket to the Future» has been successfully helping schoolchildren in Sevastopol for several years. Children are not only told about the in-demand professions of the hero city, but they are also taken on excursions to various enterprises. So, on the eve of the new academic year, within the framework of the Professional Vacation program, the children tried themselves as cynologists, photographers, news anchors, and even learned how to fly unmanned aerial vehicles with the help of VR equipment.

REFERENCE: The Ticket to the Future career guidance project for schoolchildren is already helping millions of teenagers solve the difficult task of choosing a career. It brings together mentors, psychologists and experts who are ready to help everyone choose their specialty.

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