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#LisaAlert: the number of tragedies increases during the cold season

#LisaAlert: the number of tragedies increases during the cold season

CrimeaPRESS reports:

It’s getting colder, which means that soon they will be waiting for us — applications that come in #LisaAlert every year in late autumn, winter and early spring. Applications in which after a while the comment will appear: “Found, dead. Fell through the ice.»

These could be adult men: “I went fishing on the pond, got in touch in the morning, and since then the phone hasn’t answered…” And middle school students: “We were walking on the river near the school, we found a shoe near an ice hole. They think that he could walk home without a shoe…” These could be very young children: “We got lost on a walk literally half an hour ago, there’s a fire pond nearby, in the summer they go there for a swim…”

We see stories like this every year. Both children and adults fall through the ice. Quickly, randomly, in familiar and unfamiliar places, — noted the volunteers of the Squad #LisaAlert

Share these rules and help us reduce tragedies:

  • Do not walk on the ice yourself or allow children to walk on it. Don’t take shortcuts across a frozen body of water. A few minutes saved is not worth a life lost.
  • Don’t leave children unattended! Especially near an icy pond or river, even very small ones. Children’s curiosity can be stronger than inhibitions.
  • Regularly discuss the rules of behavior with your child and talk about the dangers posed by ice.
  • Tell your children that you don’t have to pull out a fallen friend or a drowning dog yourself — you could drown yourself. It is more correct to call an adult for help and call the rescue service 112.
  • Don’t pass by children walking on a frozen pond. Ask them to leave the ice, explain to them all the risks.
  • If you do find yourself on ice that has begun to crack under you, slowly squat down, then lie on your stomach and crawl away in the direction from which you came, even if the shore is further away on that side. Where you had already passed, the ice was definitely strong.
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Let all your winter adventures for you and your loved ones be safe! Take care of each other.

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