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Lots of biologically active substances. KFU conducted an analysis of olive oil of its own production

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Scientists of the Crimean Federal University have revealed a high content of biologically active substances in olive oil of their own production. This was announced by the head of the project for the creation and development of the selection and nursery center of subtropical fruit crops of the Crimean Federal University Dmitry Yermolin. The results of the analysis by chromatography showed that the Crimean product contains biologically active substances that have an oncoprotective effect and strengthen the immune system.

Our olive oil contains about 0.5% squalene, a natural biologically active substance that weakens the development of cancer cells, strengthens the immune system, slows down the aging of the body and stimulates cell growth. Such a percentage of the substance in the composition corresponds to the samples of the world’s leading manufacturers , — the press service of the university quotes Dmitry Yermolin.

According to the specialist, the product also contains beta-sitosterol, a substance that naturally reduces cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease, and also slows down the growth of cells that provoke the development of colon and breast cancer.

The content of beta-sitosterol in the olive oil of the university reaches 2.5 g/kg, while in the samples of European producers it is no more than 0.1 g/kg. The structure of the substance resembles cholesterol. It is able to strengthen the immune system, in particular in athletes during intense training , says Georgy Zaitsev, a chromatography specialist at the Crimean Federal University.

Много биологически активных веществ. В КФУ провели анализ оливкового масла собственного производства Много биологически активных веществ. В КФУ провели анализ оливкового масла собственного производства

In addition, the specialists of the university analyzed the fruits and leaves of the European olive, which grows on the experimental production site of the selection and nursery center of KFU in Foros.

Phytochemical studies have shown that olive fruits contain oncoprotective and body-strengthening components, and the leaves contain more biologically active polyphenolic substances than fruits. The combination of oleocanthal, oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol and verbascoside can destroy cancer cells within an hour. Also, the substances in the composition reduce blood pressure, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, prevent blockage of veins and the formation of blood clots, help burn excess fat or gain body weight by increasing the thermogenin component in the body , — Dmitry Yermolin notes.

According to him, the leaves are a promising material for the production of food supplements and cosmetic products, in particular, the university will produce creams with a whitening effect based on them. Now specialists are developing product prototypes, and they plan to launch sales in specialized retail chains during this year.

During the processing season 620 of the year, the specialists of the Crimean Federal University produced olive oil, canned olives in saline solution and canned olives by dry salting. In the gardens of the selection and nursery center for subtropical fruit crops of the university, two varieties and five forms of the European olive are grown.

The Breeding and Nursery Center for Subtropical Fruit Crops was established at the Crimean Federal University in 2020. The project aims to develop the full cycle of subtropical gardening in a changing climate.

photo: © Ilya Gogunsky / Press Service of the Crimean Federal University

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