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March 20 — Pavel Kapelnik. Be happy without meat

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Pavel Kapelnik — because, people say, active snowmelt begins on this day. The cold is finally receding. At night, frosts occur less and less, and during the day the sun warms more and more stubbornly. And the drops sing with might and main about spring …

The Church today honors the memory of Saints Paul the Confessor and Paul the Most Simple. The former served as Bishop in the 9th century in what is now Turkey. He defended the shrines of Christians, for which he was expelled by the pagans. But Paul the Monk lived in the 4th century. For a righteous life, he received unique abilities from God: he foresaw events and cast out demons from people.

Weather signs for March 20 are as follows:

  • Drops from the roofs and all the birds returned to their native lands — expect a good harvest.
  • The water is melting, but the ice is still there — the year will be lean.
  • Friendly drops and south wind — the summer will be warm.
  • It got cold in the evening — to frost.
  • Blue horizon — warming will come soon.
  • Long icicles hang from the roofs — there will be a rich harvest of flax.
  • The larks arrived on March 20 — the weather will be warm. And if you see a finch — expect a cold snap. Have the cranes arrived? Spring will be late.
  • The swallow builds a nest on the sunny side — a sign that the summer will be rainy.

Name days are celebrated today: Eugene, Vasily, Emelyan, Ephraim, Lawrence, Pavel, Kapiton, Nestor.

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And two more significant calendar dates are celebrated on March 20 by the world: the Day of Happiness and the Day without Meat.

The first celebration in 2012 was established by the United Nations, fixing that happiness is one of the main goals of humanity.

The second holiday has been celebrated in different countries since 1985. On this day, many shops and restaurants around the world refuse to sell meat and meat products, thereby promoting the ideas of vegetarianism, animal protection and the environment.

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