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March 31 – John Climacus. And Brownie plays pranks…

March 31 – John Climacus. And Brownie plays pranks…

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On March 31, believers commemorate John Climacus with kind words. XChristian theologian, Byzantine philosopher, abbot of the Sinai monastery. The saint is honored, in particular, for his famous work — the book «The Ladder» — in fact, a guide to moral self-improvement.

Also on this day, the church honors the memory of Saints Cyril, Eucarp and Trophimus.

People called March 31st “Kirill — take the runner.” They believed that the toboggan track was finally coming to naught and all the runners could be torn off. We began to prepare for sowing work.

Also, according to legend, Domovoi is playing pranks with all his might these days. Moreover, it is almost impossible to calm him down. What should you do if bowls, spoons, and ladles suddenly fall to the floor, and the cat sits in horror in the corner all day? To understand and to forgive. And Brownie has the right to be in a bad mood. And this is exactly what he has today — he got off on the wrong foot… well…

As for the weather:

  • If the starlings are missing, the weather will soon deteriorate.
  • The hazel tree is covered with earrings — the ground will no longer freeze.
  • Early mosquitoes mean warm and clear days.
  • Coltsfoot is blooming — wait for warmer weather.
  • The swans arrived — to the warmth.
  • Mosquitoes are circling in the forest — there will be a lot of berries in the coming season.
Name days are celebrated today: Akakiy, Trofim, Kirill, Anesy, Natalia, Sergey, Dmitry, Albina, Daniil, Anin.

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