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May 20 – Bathing suit and the day of Ivan Brazhnik. Douse yourself with water!

May 20 – Bathing suit and the day of Ivan Brazhnik. Douse yourself with water!

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the day of Ivan Hawk Moth, people believed that water had unique healing powers. There was a custom: in the early morning of May 20, they put buckets of well water in the sun, and in the afternoon they doused themselves with it. That is why the day was also called Bathing Day.

Sowing work continued on May 20. We paid attention to the “origin” of seedlings and seeds. They said that stolen and foreign (imported) seeds would yield better. Therefore, the owners visited each other on this day and slowly tried to take some seeds. Since everyone did this, no one was left at a loss.

And the day was also called Kupavnitsa. In honor of the flower that blooms during this period among the still waters, hiding from the meadow flowers.

The church today honors the memory of Saint Akakios. Born in Cappadocia in the family of a Christian priest. Under Emperor Maximian he became a centurion in the Martisian regiment. During the persecution of Christians, Acacius openly confessed his faith to the military leader Firmus. For this he was sent to Thrace, detained and tortured. Then, together with other Christian prisoners, Akaki was transferred to the city of Byzantium, where he was kept in custody. By order of the proconsul Falcian, Acacius was beheaded with a sword in 303.

As for the signs, then:

  • Rainy day — September will be warm.
  • Good weather on May 20 — you need to go out for sowing to reap a rich harvest.
  • The moon’s horns point downward, indicating warm weather.
  • Is the moon red? It will rain soon.
  • At sunset on May 20, the sun is red and larger than usual — the weather will deteriorate in the near future.
  • Multi-colored rays at sunrise — the weather will change for the worse.
  • There is a lot of nectar and bees on the acacia in the morning — it will rain during the day, and a thunderstorm may begin in the near future.
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Name days on May 20 are celebrated by: Anton, David, Ivan, Mikhail, Stepan, Joseph, Thaddeus.

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