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May 31 is the day of Fedot-Ovsyannik. Hero of the day — oak

May 31 is the day of Fedot-Ovsyannik. Hero of the day — oak

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On the day of Fedot-Ovsyannik, the planting of cucumbers was completed. On May 31st, red clover bloomed. Warm, summer weather was settling in. We observed nature and tried to predict the weather for the coming days and months.

Fedot in Rus’ was considered a helper of spring, saying: “Fedot will come and unfurl the last oak leaf.”. Our Slavic ancestors considered this tree a symbol of power, purity, glory and faith. It was believed that rejuvenating apples grew on it, promising immortality. Somewhat later, the oak became a symbol of the thunderer Perun, and under its crown a pagan temple could be installed where sacrifices were made. At the same time, it was a great sin to cut down an oak tree. Therefore, he was killed at a strictly defined time, united by the entire village in order to share the burden of sin. Wedding ceremonies were also held under the oak tree.

On May 31, the Church honors the memory of the Seven Virgin Martyrs who suffered for their faith in Christ in the 4th century. The suffering of the virgins was described in the writings of the martyr Fedot, a relative of one of the victims.

The weather signs are:

  • The oak leaves have fully blossomed — a sign of a good harvest.
  • On May 31, the cuckoo crows for a long time and without stopping — warm days have finally established themselves.
  • The oak leafed out earlier than the ash tree — the summer will be dry.
  • Flashes are playing — a change in the weather.
  • Does the sun go hazy on May 31? It will be raining. Cloudy means inclement weather.
  • A rain cloud makes noise — to hail and wind.
  • By the evening the cumulus clouds have not passed — the weather will deteriorate.
  • During sunset, the sun became pale — it will rain.
Name days are celebrated today by: Fedor, Bogdan, Fedot, Vasily, Pavel, Julian, Lev, Mikhail, Claudia, Christina.

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