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Measures to support victims of Ukrainian missile attacks on the city are in place in Sevastopol

Measures to support victims of Ukrainian missile attacks on the city are in place in Sevastopol

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At a staff meeting in the Government of Sevastopol, chaired by Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev, they discussed providing support to the families of those killed in the missile attack on Sevastopol on June 23, as well as to residents who were injured and those whose property was damaged.

As reported by the Director of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Sevastopol Elena Sulyagina, 30 million 800 thousand rubles have been allocated from the Government’s reserve fund for payments to the families of the deceased and injured. The amount of payment to the families of the deceased is 1 million rubles, to those who received serious or moderate harm to health — 400 thousand rubles, to those who received minor harm — 200 thousand rubles.

The issue of support is being worked out individually with the four families of the deceased.

Applications have already been submitted from two families, the payments have been made. I think that today or tomorrow people will receive money on their cards. We are still working on two families, because one family only received a death certificate on Friday, the other family left, we will receive their documents in a certain way. We will only receive applications from people, all other documents were requested, many thanks to the Civil Registry Office and the Investigative Committee— the press service of the Government of Sevastopol quotes Elena Sulyagina.

Work is also continuing on the appointment of payments to victims. According to the director of the Department of Labor and Social Protection, the department is cooperating with the Investigative Committee on this issue, and all those who are entitled to support have been consulted by phone on how to submit documents to receive it.

All people who are in Moscow, representatives of children and adults themselves, we called them and together with the Department of Labor and Social Protection of Moscow and the head of the Sevastopol representative office in Moscow, we are working on all their needs. As of today, there are no questions related to social security, in the near future, or more precisely on the 2nd, the first statements will be issued, the issue of transportation and delivery of people from Moscow to Sevastopol is being worked out— the head of the department emphasizes.

Patients of Sevastopol hospitals inform the department that after discharge they will need crutches or wheelchairs. The victims will be provided with technical rehabilitation equipment on an individual basis, free of charge.

As for assistance to Sevastopol residents whose real estate or cars were damaged as a result of the attack on June 23, the city commission for damage assessment received 29 requests, 27 of which have already been reviewed. According to 2 requests, the damage is quite serious, they are being processed by the capital construction department.

There are still 9 applications for damaged property in the process — at the stage of drawing up acts, and 39 vehicles are in the work of the Department of Transport and Road Transport Infrastructure. After the end of the assessment activities, everything will be sent to the city commission, — said the director of the Department of Internal Policy of Sevastopol, Sergei Bezdolny.

On June 29, Sevastopol was subjected to another attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces – fragments of downed missiles fell in Balaklava. Four people were injured, and statements about property damage were also accepted: these are 10 apartments in two apartment buildings, 8 private houses, 7 vehicles, and 1 motorcycle. Applications continue to be received by the Balaklava Municipal Commission for Damage Assessment.

Let us remind you that applications for damaged property are accepted by municipal commissions:

— Andreevsky municipal district: +7 (978) 520-21-48;
— Balaklava municipal district: +7 (978) 812-06-25;
— Verkhnesadovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 120-97-05;
— Gagarinsky municipal district: +7 (978) 300-09-42;
— Inkerman: +7 (978) 691-60-21;
— Kachinsky municipal district: +7 (978) 054-52-90;
— Leninsky municipal district: +7 (978) 045-91-16;
— Nakhimovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 843-45-49;
— Orlinovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 819-00-47;
— Ternovsky municipal district: +7 (978) 813-41-40;
— Department of Internal Policy: +7 (978) 574-29-29.

source: press service of the Government of Sevastopol

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