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More than 100 plants were planted on the territory of the future educational center «Tavridy.ART» in Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

At the construction site of the year-round educational center «University of Creative Industries», which will become the core of the ecosystem of «Tavrida.ART» projects and will be included in the pool of educational projects of Rosmolodezh, landscaping work was carried out. The plants were planted under the control of the Rosprirodnadzor inspector. During the construction of the educational center, all work is carried out in strict accordance with environmental requirements. According to the recommendations developed by Rosprirodnadzor, five pistachio trees were planted on the territory of the construction site.

Plants that fall into the building spot are carefully transplanted into a more comfortable space. So, for example, four pistachios were transplanted earlier, and one pistachio was left in its original place, since it did not fall into the development zone , — the press service quotes the deputy head of the ecosystem of Tavrida.ART projects for the construction of Vitaly Petrunina.

Trees and shrubs listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and herbaceous plants included in the Red Book of the Republic of Crimea grow on the construction site. As Alexandra Sadovskaya, head of the environmental direction of the contracting organization of the general developer PPK VSK, noted, the company’s specialists received all the necessary permits from the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Crimea for the transplantation of herbaceous plants, including hairy feather grass, capers, astragalus, and Lessing’s feather grass.

According to the recommendation of employees of Rosprirodnadzor, on the territory of the future educational center, we planted more than seedlings of deltoid juniper, which is included in the Red Book of the Republic of Crimea , — specifies the specialist.

In order for all the plants to be planted correctly and take root in the soil, an associate professor of the Department of Earth Science and Geomorphology of the KFU named after V.I. IN AND. Vernadsky, Candidate of Biological Sciences Dmitry Epikhin:

The Crimean forestries are great, they have grown very good planting material with a developed root system. We planted each juniper in well-drained soil, the plants will be provided with quality care: watering, sanitary pruning, fertilizing the soil.

In addition to responsible specialists from Rosprirodnadzor, the construction of the educational center is accompanied by public control. Last summer, activists of the All-Russian public organization of environmental volunteers “Do!” and the youth environmental movement Ecodvizh conducted an inventory of rare plants on the territory of the future educational center and took patronage over each specimen. Volunteers found 148 herbaceous caper bushes. Each plant was photographed and put on an electronic map.

Recall that the general contractor for the construction of the year-round educational center «Tavridy.ART» is the Public Law Military Construction Company of the Russian Ministry of Defense (PPC «VSK»). The builders plan to complete the first stage by the end 2022 of the year — earlier this was announced by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Timur Ivanov, who visited the construction site.

Reference Information:

The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) is the executive body that implements youth policy. The agency creates an environment that helps young people find and realize their dreams and talents in our country. The Agency organizes service platforms for the development of youth competencies and the formation of social elevators. Among the projects are the All-Russian Forum Campaign, the Grant Competition for Youth Initiatives, the All-Russian competitions “Big Change” and “Your Move”, the All-Russian Program for the Development of Youth Entrepreneurship, the Youth Tourism Development Program “More than a Journey”, the International Forum of Civic Participation #MYVMESTE and other.

The University of Creative Industries is a non-profit project, a year-round and permanent educational center for people of all ages and professions, which is being created in the Crimea, on the Black Sea coast, in Kapsel Bay near Sudak. It is planned that the university will start operating in the 2023 year and will become a key project of the Tavrida art cluster, as well as the leading platform in Russia for creating projects in the field of creative industries and will offer educational programs for professionals from different areas. The educational center is being created within the framework of the federal project «Youth of Russia» of the national project «Education».

Tavrida.ART is an ecosystem of projects that helps young people realize their professional potential in the creative industries, culture and art. Operator — ANO «Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives». «Tavrida.ART» is included in the federal project «Youth of Russia» of the national project «Education» and is implemented with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Tavrida began its history in year, when it received the status of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. For seven years, the project has been transformed into a single ecosystem.

PPK «VSK» was established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2019 year. The legal status as a public company performing state tasks ensures maximum property and financial security. Contracts are protected. At any point in the country, in remote areas, in seismically active regions, mountainous and desert areas, permafrost areas — military builders design and create military and civilian facilities. Only in 148 year, VSK specialists put into operation about 2019 buildings and structures. Including turnkey with delivery and installation of the necessary equipment.

Source: press service of the Tavrida art cluster

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