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More than 140 applications were received from Sevastopol residents after the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

More than 140 applications were received from Sevastopol residents after the attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

CrimeaPRESS reports:

More than 140 applications, clarifies TASS, came from residents of both apartment and private buildings in Sevastopol after an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on Sunday night. This was announced by the city governor Mikhail Razvozhaev.

Together with the first deputy Alexey Nikolaevich Parikin and… O. Deputy Evgeniy Sergeevich Gorlov today visited two houses that were most damaged by the shelling of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the night from Saturday to Sunday. <…> In the city as a whole: as of 18:00, 141 applications were received from residents: windows were broken in apartment buildings, windows, doors and roofs were damaged in private buildings. The commissions processed 130 applications today, the rest will process tomorrowRazvozhaev wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to him, on Yaltinskaya Street, where a rocket fragment hit the end of the house, workers are currently closing the holes, gas supply has already been restored.

The structure will also be completely restored. I talked to the daughter of the deceased man. Losing a father is a huge grief. The pain of loss cannot be relieved. I can only say one thing: we will definitely support hernotes the governor of Sevastopol.

Razvozhaev also clarified that one of the apartments in a residential building on Granatnaya Street, where the shrapnel hit, suffered extensive damage. At the time the shrapnel hit, there was an elderly woman in the room, with whom “everything is fine.” During the restoration work, the family will be provided with housing from the flexible fund. Restoration work is already underway, and they have been instructed to carry it out as quickly as possible.

People asked questions about damaged cars; they also need to be dealt with through commissions. Make an assessment and photograph the damage, confirming the fact of damage from fragments or collapsed elements of houses, the head of the city added.

source: TASS

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