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More than 3 million juvenile carp and herbivorous fish were released into the reservoirs of the Crimea

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In order to maintain water quality at the level of sanitary standards in the reservoirs included in the group of reservoirs previously filled from the North Crimean Canal, in the course of land reclamation work, in the Crimean reservoirs from 2019 to 2021 year. employees of the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Crimea «Crimean Fish Hatchery» released 3 million thousand juveniles of carp and herbivorous fish. The cleaning effect is achieved by introducing reclamation herds of herbivorous fish and carp into the reservoirs. So, for example, the introduction of silver carp seed material predetermines the removal of phytoplankton from reservoirs, which has a steady tendency to increase its biomass due to human economic activity, the main source of which is agricultural production.

There are 22 large reservoirs in the republic with a volume of more than 334 million m3. Reservoirs are not only reservoirs for the subsequent redistribution of water, but also reservoirs that accumulate components of abiotic and biotic origin with varying intensity, the concentration of which reaches values ​​that exclude the possibility of using water for its intended purpose, or significantly reduces the number of water users. Thus, the result of the work of the nursery is the creation and maintenance of biological diversity, and, as a result, biological balance, in the reservoirs of the Crimea, which significantly reduces the cost of water purification for its subsequent use. Including for drinking needs , — the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea notes.

On the territory of Russia, the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Crimea “Crimean Fish Hatchery” is the only enterprise owned by a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. Already today, experts say, colleagues from the regions of our country are interested in the experience and mechanisms for the implementation of land reclamation measures. State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Crimea «Crimean Fish Hatchery» was historically created to carry out land reclamation work in the reservoirs of the Republic of Crimea, aimed at maintaining water quality at the level of sanitary standards.

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The termination of water supply through the North Crimean Canal could not but affect the work of the enterprise, since it was the canal that was the source of filling the pond fund of the nursery. Nevertheless, through the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Crimea, with the support of the government of the Republic, the State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Crimea «Crimean Fish Hatchery», after a set of measures, can again carry out its core functions.

Moreover, in parallel with the increase in the production volumes of the reclamation stock of targets, it is planned to organize the provision of commercial farms of the Republic with fish stock. To implement these tasks, it is planned to start design and survey work on the creation of an incubation shop in 2022 year.

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