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More than 600 thousand applicants applied to universities online

More than 600 thousand applicants applied to universities online

CrimeaPRESS reports:

On August 29, the admission campaign to universities across the country ended. Thanks to the Digital Economy national project, this could be done online, without visiting a university. The record time for an applicant to apply online was 1 minute 3 seconds. It was possible to submit documents remotely to five universities, choosing up to five specialties in each. The State Services app makes life easier for millions of Russians every day by offering services such as paying fines, enrolling in circles and sections, and registering marriages online, without visiting government agencies.

The national project «Digital Economy», initiated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, contributes to the rapid development of the portal and the transfer of public services to electronic form in order to eliminate the digital divide and make public services more accessible to all regions of Russia.

The priority service on the State Services portal is the super service «Admission to the university online». Thanks to it, applicants can remotely submit documents to any five universities in the country, for a maximum of five specialties in each. Applications open on June 20th. Thanks to the «Admission to the University Online» service, you can enter full-time, part-time or part-time bachelor’s or specialist’s degree, free, paid or targeted education. Only a verified account on the «Gosuslugi» was required. The notification of enrollment came to the personal account. If the form of education is paid, future students could also conclude an agreement with the university online using the State Key application.

The advantage of the super service is also that it allows you not only to apply to five universities, including universities in other regions, but also to keep track of the competitive lists and dates of entrance examinations. It is worth noting that if the future student is a prize-winner or winner of the Olympiads, then he does not need to additionally attach these documents: everything is already available on the portal and was uploaded when filling out the application to the university chosen by the applicant. This year, the most popular specialty among university entrants was «Informatics and Computer Engineering». In applications submitted to the State Services and offline, it was indicated almost 650 thousand times.

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Moreover, applicants chose «Information Security» 175,000 times and «Computer and Information Sciences» nearly 70,000 times. Also in 2023, the number of universities connected to the superservice increased to 1,022 compared to 975 participating universities last year, which indicates an increase in demand for the Online University Admissions service. This year there were almost a million applicants in universities. About 600 thousand of them submitted or edited an application for State Services. In total, during the 2023 admission campaign, the number of applications submitted on the State Services portal exceeded last year’s data by almost 2 times. Recall that the online university admission superservice is available thanks to the Digital Economy national project. The purpose of the national project is the introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions in the areas of public administration and the provision of public services will improve the quality of life of citizens, make it as easy as possible for them to receive various services, provide a format for interaction with the state and change processes within the authorities themselves.

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