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More than fifty teachers of Sevastopol became participants in the project «Ticket to the Future»

CrimeaPRESS reports:

This was announced during the city forum for teachers by the regional operator of the project Olga Anistratenko.

Seeing last year as an example how the project works in practice and what opportunities it provides, many expressed a desire to become part of the «Ticket to the Future» and help children with choosing a profession— she shared and added that this became possible due to the great positive response from both the teachers themselves and the students and their parents.

According to the regional operator, this year’s first Sevastopol forum for teachers-navigators spoke about the features of the project in the new season, about working with the tools of the Ticket to the Future portal, as well as about the professions in demand in the city labor market.

First of all, throughout the year we will improve the image of working professions, namely those that are relevant for Sevastopol, — Anistratenko emphasized and clarified that there will be not only professions in the IT sector, but also in the military-industrial complex.

In addition, with the help of trained navigators, children will be able to actually try their hand at equipped playgrounds in colleges, as well as, along with a tour, visit existing enterprises and see their work from the inside.

The task of teachers is to instill in students an interest in forming their own professional self-determination. Not to give them a ready-made solution, but to help them on the path of choice, — said Olga Anistratenko.

In addition to teacher-navigators, schools will also appoint administrators for the implementation of the «Ticket to the Future», who will assist teachers in working with children and parents.

Administrators will be those teachers who have already participated in the project and know all its mechanisms— the regional operator clarified and drew attention to the fact that this work will help the teachers of Sevastopol to completely close the hours according to the career guidance minimum.

Absolutely everyone can become a participant in the project, and parents can help with this — just register on the site or contact the teacher at the school, who has been appointed teacher-navigator.

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Reference: «Ticket to the Future» is an all-Russian project on early career guidance for students in grades 6-11 of educational institutions. It is included in the passport of the federal project «Success of every child» within the framework of the national project «Education». The project operator is the Foundation for Humanitarian Projects. In 2022, it will be implemented in the multimedia parks «Russia — My History», on the basis of universities and colleges, as well as on a digital platform

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