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Music festival «Eski-Fest» starts tomorrow in the cave city of Eski-Kermen

Music festival «Eski-Fest» starts tomorrow in the cave city of Eski-Kermen

CrimeaPRESS reports:

20 performers will perform for the guests of the event.

The large music festival «Eski-Fest» will be held on September 8 and 9 near the famous cave city of Eski-Kermen in the Bakhchisarai region. On the territory of the estate of the same name, surrounded by rocks, there will be a stage and dance floors. According to Tourist portal of Crimeaguests are waiting for a light and fire show, as well as tracks from the famous producer of Russian electronic music — DJ BOYKO.

The Crimean «Eski-Fest» will become a large-scale event among lovers of electronic music, the organizers shared. Instead of a traditional concert venue among the rocks near the medieval cave city of Eski-Kermen, two dance floors and a large stage will be deployed at once.

20 performers will play for the guests, including the Kacha band, the industrial metal band Kriogenum, which will also show a light and fire show. The main guest of the event will be a musician, a participant in numerous festivals, as well as a producer of Russian electronic music and the creator of the dance music label «FLAVO» — DJ BOYKOthe organizers said.

The program of the event announced: a needlework market, yoga, work on the “Rule” simulator, which corrects posture and relieves stress.

The organizers of Eski-Fest warn that the concerts will be held in a closed area — in the Eski-Kermen estate. The ticket price is 2,000 rubles, and on the day of the event — 2,500 rubles. You can only buy tickets Here. Other sources of sales are illegal. After purchasing, you are asked to keep the ticket with a barcode.

Guests have the opportunity to stay for two days of the festival right on the territory in a tent, cottage or in a room. For reservations, please call +7 (978) 550-02-36. Venue of the festival: Bakhchisarai district, with. Red Poppy, st. Career, 4.

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