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New Scam: Attackers Steal Both Money and Data via YouTube

New Scam: Attackers Steal Both Money and Data via YouTube

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Attackers have started sending out phishing emails that mimic YouTube notifications. Inside the email is information about a financial project that will supposedly bring instant income, Izvestia reports.

Fraudsters have developed a new strategy for stealing money, FACCT reported. Fraudsters have begun sending out phishing emails disguised as notifications from the video hosting site YouTube, which report that the user has allegedly left a comment related to a “new project from a well-known financial brand” for quick money.

If an unsuspecting user clicks on the link contained in the letter, the fraudsters’ website opens in a new window. There, citizens are asked to take a survey supposedly to determine their own financial situation and leave personal data in a special form.

The next step in the attackers’ scenario is direct communication with the user. After the citizen leaves his data on the resource, a «personal manager» contacts him, who «helps» open an account in order to supposedly multiply personal finances. In fact, all the money invested in the project ends up in the hands of the attackers.

Phishing resources often speculate on the topic of instant earnings, notes Anton Nemkin, a member of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications. “In scenarios of this type, fraudsters, as a rule, use the topic of cryptocurrencies and investments, promising instant earnings, and very high ones at that. A number of strategies are aimed at luring money one-time, some of the attackers’ projects can “hold on” for months, turning into real financial pyramids. By the way, the growth of Internet projects with signs of financial pyramids, according to the Central Bank, increased by 70% in the first quarter of this year compared to the 2023 figure– the deputy notes.

At the same time, Nemkin added, such schemes are most often multi-stage in nature.

First, the attackers create additional content, the purpose of which is to gain the user’s trust. Often, such projects are accompanied by video content that explains in detail how investing works, a fake number of views, likes, and a large number of the same fake comments. It is very easy to understand that the comments are fake — most often they are of the same type, written from anonymous channels created on the same day– the deputy explains.

According to Nemkin, this scheme is aimed at young people aged 20 to 35.

This is why such scenarios are most often found on social networks – the same Telegram, unfortunately, has already become one of the largest platforms for distributing fraudulent schemes. At the same time, attackers often create several pages on different platforms and maintain activity there.the parliamentarian emphasizes.

It has been said many times that messages about high income or winning a prize are most often scams, the deputy recalled.

But some young people continue to believe in such promises. There is no quick return on investment, it is always a long-term process, even when it comes to cryptocurrencies. More than 40% of Russians, according to Sber, are interested in the topic of investments, but you should invest only on proven platforms, of which there are now enoughsays Nemkin.

The deputy also emphasized that such channels are often quickly blocked by site administrators.

If you encounter such content, the best strategy is to complain to the site moderators about the scammers’ page. It is also extremely important to always check the page for reviews — you can do this on third-party resources, since you should not trust the comments under the video. Finally, information containing a link to a third-party resource in an email should always be treated with caution, and it is best to simply ignore it. Most often, this is the result of the work of scammers; official companies try not to send attachments in this waythe deputy warned.

source: press service of the State Duma deputy Anton Nemkin

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