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November 1 – Saint Zadok’s Day, Midsummer’s Day

November 1 – Saint Zadok’s Day, Midsummer’s Day

CrimeaPRESS reports:

The month has begun, which is notable for the rapid reduction in daylight hours — in just 30 days it decreases by more than 1 hour. The first day of November was popularly called Demetrius’s day, as well as the day of Saint Zadok — the heavenly prayer book for those who died without repentance.

In Catholicism, this is All Saints’ Day, one of the most mystical and mysterious holidays. It was believed that on this day evil spirits descended to the earth and frightened passers-by, and witches held their own Sabbaths. To scare away the undead, people themselves dressed up as fairy-tale and mythical characters and organized noisy processions through the streets of cities and villages.

Signs of the day:

  • Light snow fell at night, and bright stars twinkled in the sky — a sign of severe frosts.
  • Migratory birds fly high — for a snowy winter. If they fly low, there will be almost no snow.
  • It’s dirty outside — snow will fall only in 28 days.
  • The weather is damp, but the first snow has fallen and is not going to melt — there will be a lot of snowdrops in the spring.
  • Before the snowfall on this day, the ground froze well — for a harvest year.
  • It’s cold outside, snow is falling — a cold and stormy spring.
  • It’s warm outside — spring will be warm and friendly, and winter will be mild, with thaws.
  • A magpie jumping near the house means news.
  • According to tradition, on November 1, magpies were invited into the courtyards: grain was poured into them. If a magpie flies in and calmly pecks food, it will not disturb the brownie, and he, in turn, will not disturb the owners.
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Name days are celebrated today by: Nikolai, Ivan, Mikhail, Dmitry, Pavel, Felix, Sergey, Leonid, Peter.

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