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November 2023: which laws on real estate and housing and communal services will work

November 2023: which laws on real estate and housing and communal services will work

CrimeaPRESS reports:

In November 2023, reports RBC-Real Estate, two new laws come into force. They relate to the maintenance of gas equipment in multi-storey buildings and a new mortgage lending program.

Together with experts, we tell you how the new laws will work.

Gas equipment safety

On November 1, the deadline expires during which management organizations, homeowners’ associations and housing cooperatives must bring their charters and management agreements into compliance with the new law on the maintenance of gas equipment.

This is a consequence of the big change that took place in September. Now only one specialized gas distribution organization has the right to carry out maintenance of indoor and intra-apartment gas equipment in one apartment building. According to the same law, management companies are required to enter into an agreement with a specialized organization for the maintenance and repair of in-house gas equipment. In fact, putting charters and agreements in order is already a technical stage in the implementation of the September changessays Sophia Volkova, a lawyer at the Asterisk law office.

Arctic mortgage

A new housing lending program — “Arctic Mortgage” at a rate of 2% per annum, according to the instructions of President Vladimir Putin, should come into force on November 1. VTB has already begun accepting applications for loans on it; the bank will begin to conduct the first transactions in early November after the government decree has been signed and entered into force.

Spouses no older than 36 years old, as well as unmarried borrowers no older than 36 years old who have a minor child under 19 years old, will be able to get a mortgage at a preferential rate. Participants in the “Arctic Hectare” and “Increasing Labor Mobility” programs, as well as doctors and teachers aged 21 to 70, can also apply for a loan with state support. The loan can be used for the purchase of new buildings, finished housing in rural settlements and single-industry towns, as well as for the construction of a private house. The program operates in the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Komi and Karelia Republics (partially), the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrugssaid Deputy Managing Director of Dom.RF Natalya Romanyuk.

The maximum loan amount under the program is 6 million rubles, the loan term is up to 20 years, the expert clarified. She noted that the minimum down payment when purchasing a home is 20%.

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source: RBC-Real Estate

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