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November 4th in the theaters of Crimea — the “Night of the Arts” event

November 4th in the theaters of Crimea — the “Night of the Arts” event

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Crimean theaters will join the annual all-Russian event “Night of the Arts”. This year, its events will be timed to coincide with National Unity Day and will be held under the motto “Russia Unites.” On November 4, viewers will be treated to master classes, screenings, quizzes, unusual performances and magical transformations. Admission to all events is free. Tourist portal of Crimea presents a selection of programs from six theaters in Simferopol and Sevastopol

Prepared a traditionally rich creative program for lovers of stagecraft State Academic Musical Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Simferopol, Kirova Ave., 17). It will take place from 18:00 to 22:00. The “Night of Arts” will begin with the art of transformation: make-up artists will transform a couple of guests into the main characters of two performances — Rakhmet from the operetta “The Sevastopol Waltz” and Zoya from the musical comedy “Bridge over the River”.

New impressions promise to give master classes on folk dancing and the creation of an exclusive musical matryoshka doll, for which you can win an invitation to the theater, as well as a vocal lesson “Choral Singing”. Also, everyone will learn what a script reading is, take part in a lecture-excursion about the history of the music theater, which will end with a quiz, see an exhibition of mannequins in national costumes and take memorable shots in a themed photo zone.

Promises to please with no less exciting events Sevastopol Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Lunacharsky (Sevastopol, Nakhimov Ave., 6). They start at 17:00 in the spectator foyer with the opening of the exhibition “Blush on the Stones” by Sevastopol artist Sergei Merkulov. This will be a dedication to the hero city, its special atmosphere of tenderness and inner strength.

At 18:30, the performance “The Factory Girl” will begin on the Main Stage, where well-known and beloved Soviet songs will be performed (admission with tickets at a 50% discount). The program also includes an interactive quiz about interesting facts from the history of the USSR and Russia, a presentation of the film “The Path” by artist and theater director Nikolai Nechaev, and a tour of the theater’s backstage (participation by appointment). And the “Night of Arts” will conclude at 22:00 with a musical performance from theater artist Ilya Sinkevich.

The oldest theater in the South of Russia will not remain aloof from the annual cultural event. Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater named after Gorky (Simferopol, Pushkin St., 15). At 16:00 on the Chamber stage, Honored Artist of the Republic of Crimea Alexey Kubin will conduct a master class on acting, and an hour later in the foyer of the Main Stage there will be an opening of exhibitions by Honored Artist of Crimea Eduard Kulish and young artists of the Crimean branch of the Union of Artists of Russia.

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Plans to impress the public with a variety of master classes Crimean Tatar State Academic Music and Drama Theater (Simferopol, Mendeleev St., 5/1). They will be devoted to the creation of theatrical props, the work of the orchestra and vocalists, acting, and Crimean Tatar dance. Guests are welcome from 18:00 to 20:00.

The Crimean Academic Puppet Theater (Simferopol, Pushkin St., 15) prepared an interesting program this year. This is a master class in puppeteering, a theatrical performance with parsley performances and clownery, and the play “The Love of One Orange” based on the famous play by Carl Gozzi, in which hot Italian flavor, buffoonery of masks and parodies, and an atmosphere of miracle and magic are intertwined. The holiday starts at 18:30. Location – Small stage of the Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater named after. M. Gorky.

Visitors to the Sevastopol Theater for Young Spectators (Sevastopol, Gagarina Avenue, 16) will have a unique opportunity to attend a celebration organized by nine muses of art and their devoted admirer — the poet. Each muse will not only demonstrate their abilities, but will also help viewers discover their own talents. Anyone can take part in the historical quiz “Minin and Pozharsky” — about the feat performed by Russian people for the glory of the Motherland.

In addition, there will be a broadcast of a short film by theater actress Elizaveta Bessokirna, “A Fictional Story about a Fictional War.” The idea to make a real film, albeit a short one, was born spontaneously, but together with SevTUZ it came to life. Stories from participants in the defense of the city in 1942 were collected especially for this project: all the facts are genuine. The only fiction is two young guys who will tell this story to those gathered. The doors to the theater lobby will be open from 19:00.

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