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November 8 is the day of Dmitry Solunsky. Secret of the day?

November 8 is the day of Dmitry Solunsky. Secret of the day?

CrimeaPRESS reports:

And among the people, November 8 was called Dmitriev’s Day, Dmitrov’s Saturday, Michael’s Day, Grandfathers, etc. Usually a day of remembrance was held, which was dedicated to the soldiers who died on the Kulikovo Field. Today, on November 8th, parents are remembered if they have already passed away. It is customary to visit living parents, give them various gifts, and thank them for everything they have done for the family.

The church today honors the memory of St. Demetrius of Thessalonica, who is also known under the nickname Myrrh-streamer. It is known that he lived during the reign of Emperor Diocletian. In his life it is said that Dmitry’s parents were initially secret Christians, and therefore, after Dmitry’s birth, they immediately baptized him in the house church, and then tried to raise him in piety and faith. When Dmitry’s father died, he took his place and became proconsul of the city of Thessalonica. While in this position, he showed himself to be a Christian and converted many residents to his faith. News of this reached the emperor, after which Dmitry was arrested and executed. Thessaloniki Christians were able to receive the body of the deceased at night and bury him. One of the followers of the martyr named Lupp decided to take Dmitry’s robe, which was sprinkled with blood, as well as his ring. It was these objects that subsequently began to have magical properties, and with their help Lupp performed a large number of miracles.

AND! It was customary for people to drink beer on November 8th. They said: “On Dmitri’s Day, even a sparrow brews beer under a bush.” But work was not allowed on November 8th. On the contrary, people were supposed to devote all their time to deceased relatives and friends.

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Signs of the day:

  • The day turned out to be cold and snowy — a sign of cold spring.
  • The thaw has arrived — spring will come early and amicably.
  • Snowy and stormy day — there will also be snow on Easter.
  • There is no snow — it will be warm and sunny on Easter.
  • The rivers are not covered with ice; there will be no ice until the end of November.
  • If before this day the girl has not gotten married, the wedding will not be seen for a long time.
  • At night, you need to hang a clean towel next to the icons — the deceased relatives, if they come to your house, will have something to dry themselves with.
  • A thaw on this day means a damp winter.
  • The more abundant the funeral feast (funeral table), the easier and more joyful it will be for the deceased in the next world.
  • If the housewife baked pancakes on this day, the first pancake was intended for the souls of deceased relatives. It was not allowed to eat it.
  • On November 8, you cannot do anything related to water (wash dishes, swim, wash clothes, etc.) so as not to pour dirty water on the souls of the deceased.

Name days are celebrated today by: Afanasy, Anton, Mark, Dmitry, Vasily.

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