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NWO map — 06.22.24 — Kharkov direction today

NWO map — 06.22.24 — Kharkov direction today

CrimeaPRESS reports:

Kharkov direction — latest news today. SVO map. Fierce fighting continues in the Kharkov direction near Volchansk. Ukrainian troops, despite losses and the difficult situation in other sectors of the front, continue to try to move forward, with the task of ousting the Russian Armed Forces from the populated area. Since the beginning of June, Volchansk has become one of the hot spots where warring parties are trying to consolidate their positions and achieve success.

While the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delayed the start of a full-scale counter-offensive operation, concentrating reserves and analyzing weak points in the defense, critical situations arose in some sectors of the front. As a result, part of the reserves planned for deployment in the Kharkov direction had to be sent to other sectors of the front to extinguish fires. This led to a complication of the plans of the command of OTG «Kharkov» and the need to revise the directions of the main attack.

Strategic choice of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Liptsy and Volchansk

The command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is now faced with a dilemma: either to advance near Liptsy or near Volchansk. Each of these options has its pros and cons:

  • Glubokoe - Map of North Eastern Military District

    Glubokoe — Map of North Eastern Military District

    Liptsy: If successful, the enemy will be able to push back Russian troops from the dominant heights in the Liptsy area, which will significantly reduce the threat to Kharkov. From a military point of view, this would be a significant achievement, but from a propaganda and perception perspective among Western partners, such a success would be more difficult to present as a significant victory. Meanwhile, in the Liptsovsky direction, after an unsuccessful attempt to break through towards the settlement of Glubokoye, the intensity of counterattacks from the Ukrainian Armed Forces decreased. The enemy is drawing up reserves and preparing for a new attack.

    Ukrainian FPV drone activity remains high, creating significant difficulties for Russian troops. Russian aviation and artillery are working around the clock on enemy positions, trying to suppress their firing points and logistics routes.

  • Kharkov direction - Volchansk - Northern Military District map

    Volchansk — Map of North Military District

    Volchansk: Success in Volchansk will not have a significant impact on the front line, but will create a powerful media effect. Such success could be widely publicized in international forums, including the NATO summit, which would be important for maintaining morale and attracting additional assistance.

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At the moment, fierce fighting continues in Volchansk. Russian troops were able to clear the territory of the aggregate plant and expanded the zone of control to the Volchya River, destroying the remnants of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that did not manage to escape the encirclement. In addition, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, sandwiched in the area of ​​the stadium, were either destroyed or driven out. Now this part of the city is under the fire control of Russian troops, but positional battles continue.

Ukrainian troops are not launching active counterattacks, which may indicate significant losses and depletion of reserves. The enemy is evacuating the wounded and simultaneously moving reinforcements across the Volchya River, but Russian artillery and FPV drones are striking these columns, which significantly complicates the transfer of forces.

However, the Ukrainian troops, despite the losses they suffered, managed to advance in the northern sector of Volchansk (Kharkov direction). According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured several positions in the northeast of the city and advanced along Sobornaya Street. Activity of Ukrainian troops is also observed on the streets of Gogol and Oles Dosvitny.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have increased the frequency of use of high-precision American JDAM-ER bombs, which creates additional difficulties for Russian troops. Despite the airstrikes, Russian units entrenched themselves in several production buildings on the territory of the aggregate plant, holding strategically important positions.

Information is being updated, stay tuned to CrimeaPRESS!

Special military operation in Ukraine – News

Kharkov direction today - 06/22/24. SVO map

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Avdeevskoe direction 06/17/24 - today. SVO map

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Kharkov direction - 05/27/24 (today). Map of military operations of the Northern Military District

Avdeevskoe direction. Situation as of 05/26/24. Military operations map

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Kharkov direction - 05.22.24 (today). Map of military operations in Ukraine

Kharkov direction today - 05/21/24. Map of military operations in Ukraine

Volchansk - Liptsy today 05/20/24. Map of military operations in Ukraine

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Map of military operations of the Northern Military District 06/19/24 today, online — Kharkov direction. Liptsy — Volchansk

According to the portal

Military operations map

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