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October 28 – Bride of Flax, Efim the Pious. Kikimors climb into houses

October 28 – Bride of Flax, Efim the Pious. Kikimors climb into houses

CrimeaPRESS reports:

October 28 is also called Efim, Pchelnik, Flaxseed, Efim the pious, Efim of the autumn.

People noted that on this day winter is already gaining strength and Efimy actively participates in this: he envelops the roots of trees and grasses in cold, shelters all insects and generally makes nature sleepy. And our ancestors also believed that from that moment on, the kikimors who had been expelled in the summer again settled in the huts. They began to disturb the women and girls — an invisible creature began to spin, sitting on a golbets (an extension near the Russian stove), inside of which there was a staircase leading to the underground. They said that Kikimora does not go outside because she is afraid that she will be carried away by the wind. The creature is small in stature, looks like a girl, woman or old woman. If you catch a kikimora and cut a cross on its head, it will become human again. Unfortunately, the memory of being in the past appearance will be dementia or an ugly appearance.

Seeing a kikimora means changes or troubles in the house. Most often, she spins during the holidays, and then her whistle scatters throughout the house. On the eve of misfortune, the kikimora weaves lace underground and loudly taps bobbins. Sometimes she can even spin everything for the mistress, but more often she procrastinates, confuses, burns and tears the yarn that was left without crossing. It was believed that she spins the other way around, that is, she twists the thread away from herself, and not towards herself. Such threads were a powerful amulet.

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On October 28, the church honors the memory of Saint Euthymius of Thessalonica, who, according to historical information, lived around the 9th century in Palestine. At birth he received the name Nikita and was born into a Christian family. Nikita married early, but at the age of 18 he decided to devote himself to God, which he did by taking monastic vows in a monastery on Mount Olympus. After some time, Euthymius, who received this name after tonsure, went to Athos, where he lived there with the hermit Joseph, with whom he competed in mortification. Subsequently, the news of his asceticism began to spread more and more. It is not surprising that pilgrims subsequently began to come to Euthymius. After his comrade Joseph died, Euthymius founded a small monastic community near Thessaloniki, restoring the ruins where the monastery of St. Andrew had previously stood.

Signs of the day:

  • If a person was born on October 28, then his talisman is the Amazonite stone.
  • Such people are usually full of energy and have excellent organizational skills.
  • In the evening, large circles are observed around the moon, but the sky itself remains clear — frost will hit very soon.
  • Reddish and blurry circles, according to signs, foreshadow snow and wind.
  • Mosquitoes appeared on October 28 — the winter will be warm.
  • A cloud is visible above the rising sun — a sign that bad weather will set in in the coming days.

Name days are celebrated today by: Dmitry, Efim, Afanasy, Lukyan, Denis, Ivan.

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