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October 30 is the Day of the Prophet Hosea. Both autumn and winter

October 30 is the Day of the Prophet Hosea. Both autumn and winter

CrimeaPRESS reports:

October 30 is the border between autumn and winter. People said that at this time the axle and wheel say goodbye until spring, but part with autumn. By the squeaking sound of the cart wheels, they predicted what the harvest would be like: if the wheels move quietly and do not creak, then everything will be a great harvest. And it was on this day that the carts were put in order: they repaired, cleaned, lubricated the wheels with tar and resin (so as not to creak) and sent them to the barn for storage until spring. And today the peasants pulled out the sleighs in anticipation of the moment when the sleigh path would be established.

The Church today honors the prophet Hosea. One of the 12 minor prophets, who came from the tribe of Issachar and spoke with his prophecies 8 centuries before the birth of Christ. It was also Hosea who first began to write down prophecies, setting an example for other people. Many of Hosea’s predictions came true. Thus, he spoke about the spread of true knowledge of God throughout the world, predicted the end of the Old Testament sacrifices, the return of the baby Jesus from Egypt and a number of other significant events.

But there are no special signs for today.

Name days are celebrated today by: Alexander, Sergey, Yulian, Kuzma, Leonty, Anatoly, Andrey, Joseph, Anton.

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